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The 1001 Ways We Know God T. SHER SINGH

I love the freedom we have been given to refer to or address God as whatever we want, in whatever language we choose.

Gobind Rai’s First Sermon Bhai HARBANS LAL

A child was born in the East … the Pir gathered his followers and led them on a pilgrimage to Patna.

Welcoming 2017:
Ever Fresh, Ever New A WORD A THOUGHT

“The treasure of virtues, the Divine, is ever fresh and new and His gift is perfect and complete”

The Romance of Gurbani RAVIN KAUR

How does one measure love? What are the variables? What are the tools?

God Is a Question,

People who claim certainty about God worry me, both those who believe and those who don’t believe.

My Take On 'WaheGuru' G J SINGH

I know WaheGuru would care less how you wrote his name in Roman English for the correct pronunciation.

Of Snakes & Sandalwood Bhai HARBANS LAL

We are warned of the serpents of evil that may also be attracted to the fragrance of our value system.

Welcoming Our Newborn To The Sikh Fold DYA SINGH

The first letter of the first word of the Hukmnama is used to find a name for the child ...

A Couple of Quick Questions:
Meeting Bhai Vir Singh JAGDEV SINGH KALRA (Translated from Punjabi by SANGAT SINGH)

"Why do you think I can help you find your answers?“

In Defence Of The Truth KULBIR KAUR

“Death is not an evil, should one know how truly to die.”

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