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"One who engages in inspired service is His true servant ... We are not good, and no one is bad - all are equal."

Ten Simple Lessons of Guru Nanak KUNAL ANAND

Using religion to segregate people into categories is awful. In the Guru's own words, "There is no Hindu, no Mussalman."

Pronouncing Gurbani Correctly:
A New Website Which Helps You Do Exactly That Dr HARBANS LAL

To be able to fulfill one's commitment to Sikhi, one must learn how to read the script and the language of the Guru Granth.

In Sickness & In Health AJITPAL SINGH

I had a lot time to think about random things while staring blankly into the darkness ...

Who Needs Miracles? AJITPAL SINGH

Surely Guru Nanak did not intend to portray himself as a karaamati baba to his followers ...

Some Thoughts on The Akal Takht GURMUKH SINGH, United Kingdom

The evolving role and status of the Jathedar of the Akal Takht is not to be confused with the institution of the Akal Takht itself. 

Read Between The Lines AJITPAL SINGH

The world is ever changing and brings along with it new issues and problems with every generation ...

The Power of Ardaas GURNEET KAUR

I remember the curiosity of my school classmates as they would ask me why I did not cut my hair.


"The Gurmukh is immortal, untouched by pleasure and pain ..."

Vaisakhi at The Pentagon VALARIE KAUR

"And then I heard a name that shook me to my core. Together, the congregation prayed for the soul of the gunman."

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