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The Good Bargain Translated from Punjabi by BIMAL KAUR

Nanak stood quietly, with his head bowed. Suddenly Kalu ji lifted his hand and slapped him across his cheek. His anger more inflamed, he raised his hand yet again and slapped him on the other cheek.

My Guru & I: A Spiral Journey
The Talking Stick Colloquium # 64 by RAVINDER SINGH

The language was very foreign to me, quite unlike the colloquial Punjabi I was used to. The idiom, rooted as it is in the agricultural landscape of the Punjab, was just as unfamiliar.

The Journey Together by I.J. SINGH

Let me tell you a story! How a book, too voluminous to prop up in bed to read, written in languages that I barely understood, became, for me, first an object of admiration, and then adoration and veneration.

Sikh Women: Beauty, Valor & Revolution by ANDREW BOWEN

The Gurus recognized that society cannot move forward without all of its components moving as one and with one purpose ...The Sikh answer of full equality for all mankind offers a worthy solution.

U.S. Marines & Sikhs: Uniform Matters by ANDREW BOWEN

If youthful vibrance is about being bold, standing out, declaring your identity, why not embrace an aspect of your culture - your religion - that historically makes you so?


In defining a Sikh, we go back to the rehat-namas issued after Guru Gobind Singh in which the teachings of the Gurus were given as Code of Conduct by prominent Sikhs.

Not Through The Stomach:
Religious Fasting is Prohibited in Sikhism by AMRITPAN KAUR

While expressly rejecting fasting as a way of earning religious credits or brownie points, Sikhi condemns waste and gluttony, promotes balance and moderation.


As a youngster, one is faced with many situations when one is tempted to do something outrageous, just for the sake of it.

From God ... With Love:
Making Sense Of It All by ANAMAI

" ... God shows a savage face to people and shouts some fierce things at them, isn't that all we see and hear of Him, now? ... Nobody seems to know why ..."

What Shall We Do With The Sunday Sikhs? by FI "PRITHI HARD KAUR"

If people aren't feeling the love, then how should we best try and bring "Sunday Sikhs" back into the fold? But, are we duty-bound to do so?

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