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The Peach & The Plum
Part I PURAN SINGH [1881 - 1931]

First, life. Then, its expression.

What I, a Unitarian Universalist, Learned from Sikhism CAREY McDONALD

I write not as an expert but as an explorer. Many years ago, I tumbled into the Sikh faith at the recommendation of a close friend ...

What It Means to Me to be a Sikh MAANEK SINGH (12)

I have been deeply troubled at the massacre of Sikhs in Wisconsin. Obviously the person who did this did not know who Sikhs are. 


It’s said that whatever Punjabis do, they overdo. Those worrying about the Sikhs’ loss of identity are hoping that this happens. That desire for a ‘pochvin dastar’ ushers in a trend back to unshorn kesh.

Acceptance and Chardi Kala JOGISHWAR SINGH

I have had despair follow intense joy within a matter of days, giving me the occasion to live moments of intense faith, with flashes of doubt in moments of weakness.

Perfection is a Goal, Not a Pre-Requisite SIMRAN JEET SINGH

I have observed a unique aspect of the Sikh belief system: Sikhi does not incentivize religion on the basis of fear, but instead, on the basis of love.

Guru Granth Sahib:
An Introduction To Sikh Scripture SIMRAN JEET SINGH

The elevation of the scripture to the status of Guru gave it a further level of authority. In addition to viewing it as Divine revelation, Sikhs also understand it as their complete, eternal and infallible life-guide.

Mathaa Tekna:
Bowing Before The Guru by ANAM SIDDIQ

On this rainy Thursday night at the Manhattan Sikh Association center, the woman, her child, and the entire congregation have gathered for a service ...

The Whitney Houston Tragedy:
A Sikh Perspective by KANWAL PRAKASH "K.P." SINGH

We cannot fully know the formidable challenges and personal struggles that Whitney Houston faced in recent years, after her
meteoric rise as the singer with a golden talent and global acclaim.

A Mother's Prayer by MEETA KAUR

"I pray that when Sidak has to face the moment where he has to defend who he is, or is tasked with the responsibility of defending your child, they stand their ground, dig into who they are, and find their heart-racing courage together."

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