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The Stages of Human Life by JASMINE KAUR

Guru Nanak describes the ten phases of life and guides us on how to conduct ourselves through each of them.

Wealth & Poverty in Sikhism by SEWA SINGH KALSI

The two concepts are closely linked with the doctrine of social justice in Sikhi.


It frees and empowers each and every person ... it lights a fire in the gut and explodes the creative potential.

It's a Knife, It's a Dagger, It's a Sword ... No, It's a Kirpan! by MANJIT SINGH

Let us be more imaginative, bold and proactive in finding solutions to our problems.


The blazing bullet of hate was fired at him point-blank, but he was bulletproof. His identity, self-respect and pride protected him.

Is Sikhi Being Wasted on Sikhs? by JOGISHWAR SINGH

The message of Sikhi is so universal, humanistic and elevating that it can only be imbibed and practiced by very strong individuals.

How I See Sikhi: A Non-conformist's Religion Gunita Kaur Singh

"Once in a while it really hits people that they don't have to experience the world in the way they have been told to."

Twist & Braid by S.J. KAUR

Twist, braid, twist, braid ... three parts of self: mind, heart and soul!

A Spiritual New Year's Eve by AVNEET BAINS

Amongst the revelry and the parties, many opt to welcome the New Year in a more spiritual way.

Our Green Guru by D.P. SINGH

Guru Granth declares that the purpose of human beings is to be in harmony with all creation.

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