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Gobind Rai’s First Sermon





One day, the followers of the famous Muslim pir, Bhikhan Shah, observed their leader bowing towards the East during his morning prayers. Certainly, it was contrary to the established Islamic practice of bowing in the direction westwards towards the Kabba.

Upon their queries, the Pir responded and explained his unusual doing. He said that he had received an unusual inspiration that a special child, the savior chosen by Allah, had taken birth in the ancient city of Patna, in the eastern part of the subcontinent. He further disclosed that he was inspired by Allah to make his way to the child’s birthplace in order to identify the new born and proclaim him a prophet.

The Pir gathered his followers and led them on a pilgrimage to Patna in order to attend before the newborn.

When they arrived in Patna, although unusual for mothers of a newborn to do so, the Guru’s mother accepted the Pir’s appeal and brought the child out for public viewing.

The legend goes that the Pir presented a riddle to the child. He placed two bowls of candy before the child. One bowl contained sweetmeats purchased from a Hindu‘s shop, the other from the Muslim quarter, thus signifying the two major religions of the land.

The riddle sought answers to an unspoken question. The Pir merely waited silently before the child, holding forth the two bowls.

The infant Gobind Rai - later to be known as Guru Gobind Singh - leaned forward and placed both of his hands on the two bowls, one on each.

The Pir expressed surprise, and then glowed with admiration, visibly expressing pleasure and joy.

When asked by the onlookers as to what had transpired, he explained:

He had asked the child, the Pir elaborated, if he, the child, would grow up to lead one religion or the other, referring to the two prevalent faiths.

The child had replied, he further explained, by indicating that he would treat both faiths equally; that he would serve and lead people of all faiths and beliefs as all were equal in the eyes of God.

Thus, Gobind followed the path begun by Guru Nanak and ultimately took it to its natural conclusion.

January 5, 2017

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