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Shri Hurry Baboo & Nihang Singh Ji by DIWAKAR PRASHAD

The baboo challenges the warrior for a battle of wits. The Nihang, never averse to picking a fight, accepts.

A Modest Proposal
To Improve Inflight Safety for Airline Passengers by DAYA KAUR

A dozen passengers were injured when they hit their heads on the ceiling of the aircraft.

Standard Cosmetics Launches Water- Resistant Fixxo by 'AFTAB HUSSEIN'

GOTCHA! Our staff found the opportunity too irresistible! Sorry, but no 'water-resistant' fixxo! Have a great April Fools' Day!  

"And What Does Your Husband Do?" by KHUSHWANT SINGH, New Delhi

So, Sardarni Sahiba, exactly what does he do ...?

Punjab's Destiny is in Their Hands:
Bittu, Biba, Tikku, Nitu ...
[Sigh!] by KHUSHWANT SINGH [Chandigarh]

What's in a nickname? Plenty, if you ask a Punjab politician.

Indian Cow,
He is 4 Footed Animal by MAHESH PANDEY

An essay written in an IAS exam in India, it is as much a paean to the Cow, as it is a testament to the malleability of the English language.

The Art of Tying a Turban
or, 52 Ways to Tie a Larh by SIKHSUBCULTURE

The 'Ear Muff' covers up the whole ear. While not terribly popular, it's oddly comfortable in the winter.

Stupid Cupid ... or
Lord Knows Why I'm Still Single by ARVINDER SINGH KANG

My first duel with the shameless child of Aphrodite happened in an examination hall when I was in Grade Nine.

How "Valentine's Day" Really Began

The ritual soon spread to wherever Sikhs went, with the old catch words "Velan-time!"

Santa Singhs 'Jingle Bells'

He's in town right on time for Gurpurab! And he's flown in sing(h)ing with full-throated "Oye, oye's"!  

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