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Do Indians drive on the left or right of the road. The answer is "both".

Once There Was A Crow

A poem to practice your Punjabi by ...

Bota Singh's Job Application by KENNETH WAY

He finally gets a job - despite being over-qualified and with (54 years of) 'no North American experience'! 

Jesus - A Re-visit by SANGAT SINGH

The Archbishop looked at Jesus with very stern eyes and said, "Young man, come and follow me into the church."

New Categories in 2020 Census? by Dr. LLOYD PFAFF PFFEFERSON

Gone are medieval terms such as 'race' and 'ethnicity', or 'white' and 'colored', etc.

Learning the Local Lingo? English How She Is Not To Be Spoke! by VARIOUS PROMINENT PERSONALITIES

Learning to speak English from our top personalties: "Don't do what I say ...!"

It Takes All Kinds ... To Fill A Gurdwara! by KARMINDER SINGH

There appear to be 20 observable categories of people who come to the Gurdwara ...

Winter Classes for Punjabi Men PRESS RELEASE

An offering of fourteen special continuing education courses specially designed for the macho Punjabi male.

Polar Bear Sardars NEWS REPORT

There are many ways of welcoming the New Year. This one has to be the craziest of them all!

Boxing Day Sale by T. SHER SINGH

This is a great opportunity to replenish your supplies and save a bundle doing it! AND, at the same time, make editors feel warm and fuzzy.

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