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India's Latest Security Measures by RAHUL BEDI

Indian police paid dozens of teenagers Rs. 120 ($2.50) to serve as tree-top lookouts, as part of the Prime Minister’s security detail during his recent trip to Bengal.

A Red Cross Parcel

Our latest addition to the HUMOUR Section: A family back in the "home country" was puzzled when a coffin arrived from the U.S. ... 

Move over, Michael Jackson!

It was only a matter of time when someone would out-Michael-Jackson Michael himself!

The Great Debate

If you've ever wondered how the Sikhs gained a foothold in Italy ...

A Duck Called Singh by NATALIE FAHY

Netty Ribeaux, from the London Wetland Centre's education team, said: "Singh is by far the fastest and boldest runner ..."

Punjabi Lessons

A few quick Punjabi (and English) lessons for those who think a thaatha is a fashion accessory to be worn in public!

SikhPark - "Paris Hilton" by DALBIR SINGH

Acclaimed advertising & design wiz, DALBIR SINGH, tackles life in the Sikh lane by examining it through a lens of humour and with a touch of irreverence.

Dubya's Latest Headache

This latest entry in our HUMOUR section visits a new source of difficulties for George W. Bush. And, check out THE THREE GOOD MEN while you're there.

The Three Good Men

A Thatha Story

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