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The Best Poem of 2009 by AN AFRICAN BOY

It's time to re-visit the terminology established by centuries of narrow-minded colonialism. 

Mass Sightings of UFO Reported by MICHAEL COHEN

Countless people saw a large, bright light that hovered and crisscrossed over the city of Patiala ...

Only in Punjab, You Say? Pity. by ANDREW GOUGH

"I always wanted to do something different, something unique." Well, he has ...

Satellite Photos by BALWANT KAUR [Information Officer, PP]

A number of hitherto unknown and secret photographs have just been released by The Punjab Pentagon.

Tandoori Chicken

Every Friday night after work, Bubba Singh would fire up his outdoor grill ...

So, This is Evolution by VRINDA SHARMA

The Punjab government has embarked on a project to teach bad monkeys good manners.

The Absolute Truth About Man's First Moon Landing THE BATHINDA TIMES

Neil Armstrong had barely stepped down on the moon when ...

Here's Comes A New Crop of
Jokers from India by MIKE STROBEL

Amma's Hugs are free, but nothing else is! Meet Sri Mata Amiritanandamayi Devi, the latest god from Hindustan.

Holy Cow! by KHUSHWANT SINGH (The Hindustan Times)

The Good Lord has created all kinds to people this beautiful planet. Obviously, He also has a sense of humour!

Tees Maar Khan -
The Vanquisher of Thirty Monsters With a Single Blow!

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals spokesman Bruce Friedrich has condemned the murder.

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