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Escaped From The Zoo? Democracy in India! NEWS REPORTS

Member of Parliament, Mrs. Jyoti Devithe, smashed every flowerpot she could lay her hands on, on the grounds of the Legislature.

Has Anyone Seen This Incredibly Striking Sikh Guy !!!? by ANDREA LOCCISANO

Has anyone dated a Sikh guy before? What's it like?

Where's Dev Anand When You Need Him Most? based on News Report by INDIAN EXPRESS

Prayers were offered to the Hindu god of wind, Vayudev, since it was the "high velocity wind delayed the monsoon in Gujarat".

The Dying Priest

"I have always tried to pattern my life after our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ."

Finally ... An Explanation For Bad Accents! by T.SHER SINGH

You give things time, and everything begins to make sense - or you get to know why they don't!

Pigeon Kabootar Uddan Fly by DHARMENDRA RATAUL, HARMEET SHAH SINGH, et al

It's all about a bunch of kabootars, if you ask me!

Get an NRI Card or (Dual) Indian Citizenship - And Receive Special Treatment in India! TIMES OF INDIA

One more reason to be proud to be Indian!

Progress of a Marriage ANONYMOUS

The author says he is happily married - but insists he not be identified in any way whatsoever!

"Ulloo da Patthaa!" by SANGAT SINGH

The Punjabi language remains matchless in its wealth of expletives, compared to all other languages on the planet.

MOM = Mean Old Mother ANONYMOUS

"I mulled it over carefully,/ I couldn't let it go./ A smile crept upon my face,/ He's messing with a pro ..." 

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