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Big Man Yerranderie:
Sikh-Aussie Pioneer Bud Singh MANPREET KAUR SINGH

There is a humorous account about a time that Bud felt “spurned”, but he avenged the insult to his “stature” quite publicly.

Farmer-Activist Laments Degeneration of Politics in Punjab:
Darshan Singh Rudel AJAY SURA

He says what Punjab needs is "genetically modified corruption-free politicians" ...


Like tefillin, tallis, tzittzit, and the mezuzah, symbols are used to remind Sikhs of the right path.

Sikh-American Teens Bring School Together with Punjabi Dance Night DIANA MARCUM

"He was only out for his morning walk, the same walk he had taken for years..."

My Loving Husband:
Karpal Singh CHIN MUI YOON, et al

“Inside the envelope was a little card with a drawing on it. It started off with ‘To my girl in blue’ ..."

My Father's Strength MARY BETH KEANE

I bolted out of my bed around 3 a.m. because my father was shouting at a volume I’d never heard him use in my life.

O Death, Where is Thy Sting?
Karpal Singh, Malaysian Member of Parliament [1940 - 2014] CLIVE KESSLER

"The rule of law is the rule of law and that constitutional supremacy means exactly that ..."

The Tiger of Jelutong:
Karpal Singh [1940 - 2014] DIN MERICAN

The vocal politician graduated from University of Singapore and started his law practice before running for Parliament in 1978.

Sat Sri Akal, Sardar Sahib!
In Memoriam -

When he was 96, he confided one evening: “If I don’t write every day, it becomes too difficult to start again."

Man of Precision:
Kenya’s Star Fighter Pilot ... and Tabla Player -
Gurcharan Singh Chana JOHN OMBUOR

He recalls with pride how he was commissioned on his return to Kenya, by President Jomo Kenyatta himself.

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