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Master Of Patents & Inventions:
Santokh Singh Badesha ELENA D'AGNESE

He’s one of the most prolific inventors in the history of Xerox Corporation.

Sikh-American Professor Receives Fullbright Award:
Dr Simran Kaur NEWS REPORT

The new Fullbright Scholar will lend her expertise to the faculty and students of Guru Nanak University in Amritsar, Punjab.

Pioneer Nuclear Physicist:
Dr Piara Singh Gill -
Roundtable Open Forum # 151 ARJAN SINGH

An epic story of a man who rose from humble roots to the top of his chosen field of scientific research ...

But To What Are We Aspiring For Our Children? GEORGE MONBIOT

A life for our children that is better than our own, or worse?

“I Was Born Here
And Will Die Here” -

The persecution of Sikh-Afghans has remained a constant through decades of upheaval in this war-torn country.

Europe’s Oldest Man Celebrates 111th Birthday:

Only two other men in the world are believed to be older than him, both 112 and living in Japan.

Women & The Male-Dominated Auto-Repair Industry PATRICE BANKS

The auto-repair industry discriminates against women. So I quit my engineering job to become a mechanic.

My Beautiful Mother-In-Law PURNIMA JAGANNATHAN

A young woman wandered into my satellite station when I was writing a comment for ...

The Suave Human Rights Crusader:
Canada's Jagmeet Singh JANE TABER

Carding "isn’t just a Toronto issue … this is something that impacts kids and youth across the province in any urban setting.”

Khushwant Singh’s Son & Daughter Visit Father’s Punjab ASIF NOORANI

When the 1947 Partition rioting began, his father had sent him, his mother and sister to Delhi.

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