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The Biggest Celebrity You’ve Never Heard Of …
Unless You’ve Heard of JusReign -
The Phenomenon of Jasmeet Singh JON SUFRIN

"Ten grenades, plastic explosives and a plane. The Malaysia Airlines plane that went missing is actually in here."

The Love of Cricket:
Sikh-Aussies Avi & Ronnie Singh NEIL McMAHON

"It becomes your identity, part of your everyday make up. It's very normal ..."

Remembering Jaspal Singh Bhatti:
The Punjabi Satirist An Interview by HARLEEN KAUR

"Our home was always full of people who would show up for rehearsing plays ..."

Jasjit Singh Ahluwalia:
New Dean of Rutgers University's School of Public Health TIM DARRAGH

He hails from a family of academics, all deeply connected with New Jersey.

Sikh-Canadians Wow World of Electronics With New App:
uCiC - You’ve Got Questions? RAJU MUDHAR

uCiC won the Mobile Apps Showdown at the prestigious Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


A thief stole his backpack straight from the front seat of his rental car.

Racial Bias May Be All Pervasive,

Rather than point fingers outward, we should look inward — and examine how, despite best intentions, we discriminate in ways big and small.

Looking Back, What Do You Regret? GEORGE SAUNDERS

When young, we’re anxious — understandably — to find out if we’ve got what it takes.

Mathematician Gurjeet Singh Uses 'Big Math' To Tame Big Data PETE CAREY

We certainly have the means to change the fundamental way we do things in society.

Sikh-American Sisters Wow Their Army Countrerparts In India:
Staff Sgt Balreet Kaur Khaira & Sgt Jasleen Kaur Khaira Capt JASON SWEENEY

“Growing up we’ve always been into doing something that’s just a little bit different than what everyone else does.”

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