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We Too Bleed Red, White & Blue KAMAL SINGH KALSI

If my time in the Army taught me anything, it's that when adversity strikes we band together and find solutions.

A Lone Voice in the Municipal Council Chambers of a Predominantly Sikh-Canadian Region:
Gurpreet Singh Dhillon SAN GREWAL

What it will take to help city councils catch up with changing demographics in a region now extraordinarily diverse?

Pride & Perseverance:
Yuba City's Amandeep Singh DAVID BITTON

"I think it is very important to see members of the Sikh faith in law enforcement roles ..."

An Inside Look at The Brain
With Senior Scientist

As a senior scientist, she is involved in the exhibition development process, providing science content direction and research ...

Top Five Regrets of The Dying PAUL WILSON

One of the first steps is simply becoming more comfortable talking about aging and death ...

Malaysian Grand Old Man Sangat Singh Connects School Kids With Space Station SHALINI RAVINDRAN

Led by station controller Sangat Singh, the pupils asked their questions clearly, such as - “Is it hard to eat in space?”

Harkiran Wanda Kaur:
Master Seaman, Royal Canadian Navy An Intervew with JAGPAL SINGH TIWANA

When I started to read the Guru Granth, it immediately stood out to me and I was in awe! I knew I had to learn more.

Circle of Light PRISCILA UPPAL

Each woman is to tell a story with some connection to light -- literal or metaphorical -- and then open "The Book of Light."

Canadian Navy Now Boasts Turbaned Sikh Woman Sailor NEWS REPORT

The Canadian Forces now allow both Sikh men and women to wear turbans and the Sikh articles of faith while serving.

Prem Kahani:
How to Balance Your Relationships with God and Your Spouse ALISON LESLEY

For SatJot Kaur, her relationship with God and her husband co-exist and are intertwined with each other.

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