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Australian Of The Day:
Darwin's Tejinder Singh HUFFINGTON POST

Rejecting monetary support from his supporters, Tejinder has encouraged others to begin their own food drives.

Standing Tall In Two Uniforms:
Canadian Forces’

One is the familiar outfit of the Canadian Forces. The other comprises the Five Ks …

The Sardarni Who Met His Dare
… And Had Her Abuser Arrested:

The man mouthed vulger abuses at the woman.

My Complicated Relationship With 'Gay Pride' M SINGH

Pride began as a way to commemorate the historic and heroic victory of the queer community in New York against the NYPD.

Surrey, British Columbia Action Hero:
Police Constable Ranjit Singh Seehra NATIONAL POST

He grew up watching superheroes in cartoons like Batman and Superman.

The Joy Of Teaching BANNO KAUR BAJAJ

I needed a lot of creativity and the daily ardaas to get through my day.

Amma Ji and Maama Ji GITIKA KAUR BAJAJ, 14

No one knows how old she really is. Guesses range from 80 to100, but we do know for sure that she is really old.

More Sikh-Canadians Vie For Seats In Canada’s Parliament NEWS REPORT

In the upcoming elections, over a dozen ridings or constituencies have Sikh-Canadians running for each of the opposing parties.

Sikh-American Brothers, 16 & 14
Inspire Water Conservation Bill In California IKHLAQ AUJLA

The bill was introduced in the legislature by the Bakersfield assembly member Rudy Salas.

Another Sacha Sauda:
A True Bargain Dr HARBANS LAL

One could see a positive glow around what was otherwise an immense tragedy for the family.

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