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Golden Temple

In Delhi in 1984 the adage was completely inverted: books were burned after burning people.

Paradise Lost:
“The Men From Dumaili Are Handsome, Tall, Fair …!” MAJID SHEIKH

“When I hear a Lahori speak, all my hate disappears”. That was a conversation stopper.

Making a U-Turn on Life's Highway JAYNE TOWNSEND

As a ’31 model, Dad is undeniably showing his rustiness.

Between A Mosque and a Madrassah:
Karachi’s Ratan Talao Gurdwara AKHTAR BALOUCH

With a sad smile on his face, he said: “You must know why no records of it can be found.”

What a Partition AYAZ AMIR

"... and Ranjit Singh, alas, not arising from his Samadhi to come to our rescue."

Savage Harvest:
Stories of Partition BOOK REVIEW

Punjab -- the land from Delhi to Rawalpindi -- was soaked in blood.

Haveli Soojan Singh:
The Disappearing Sikh Heritage of Rawalpindi SHIRAZ HASSAN

A city which has a lot to tell about its history and heritage ...

Another Secret Massacre in India?
Hyderabad 1948 MIKE THOMSON

Evidence of a 'new' one surfaces in the country's string of 'annual' genocidal binges.

Anup Singh's Film QISS Premieres in Toronto Film Fest Today ASIAN CULTURE VULTURE

"Who isn't a refugee?"

Today I Ask Waris Shah to Speak Up from His Grave:
The Partition of Punjab - Three Poems W.H. AUDEN, AMRITA PRITAM & FAIZ AHMED FAIZ

"O soother of the stricken, arise and see your Punjab!"


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