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Sikh-Canadian pioneers gather outside the Gurdwara in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, 1930. Courtesy: Roopinder Singh Bains
Why must you fret
And worry and blunder about,
Seeking answers and remedies
Remember, you are not alone,
The One is by your side!
Guru Arjan, GGS:1266.5
Day Ten … <br />In Chandigarh, Punjab - <br />The Garden of Phulkaris

Day Ten …
In Chandigarh, Punjab -
The Garden of Phulkaris

Phulkari means ‘flower work’ and originated as the Punjabi term for embroidery. KAREN-EMMA WHITE

The Inimitable, Irreplaceable & Mandatory Handwritten Thank-You Note

The Inimitable, Irreplaceable & Mandatory Handwritten Thank-You Note

I was raised in a fairly informal household ... but social acknowledgments were enforced with boot-camp precision. JOANNE SHENFELD

Day Eight & Nine ... <br />In Chandigarh, Punjab - <br />The City of Le Corbusier

Day Eight & Nine ...
In Chandigarh, Punjab -
The City of Le Corbusier

Thousands of documents, photographs, newspapers, coins and books have been digitally copied ... KAREN-EMMA WHITE

Day Six in Amritsar: <br />Gobingarh Fort And Khandas Galore

Day Six in Amritsar:
Gobingarh Fort And Khandas Galore

We entered the fort through the gatehouse where Maharajah Ranjit Singh would have entered on one of his majestic elephants. KAREN-EMMA WHITE

The Secret Ingredient of Compassion

The Secret Ingredient of Compassion

Who are the ones who do think of the “poor naked wretches” with “houseless heads and unfed sides”? ALISON GOPNIK

A Potent Reminder: <br />The Rights ‘We’ Accord ‘Them’ Are The Rights We’ll Enjoy - <br />No More, No Less

A Potent Reminder:
The Rights ‘We’ Accord ‘Them’ Are The Rights We’ll Enjoy -
No More, No Less

The law requires employers to accommodate religious practices unless it's an undue hardship. GURJOT KAUR

The Unstruck Melody: <br />The Way Of The Sikh - <br />Letter & Spirit # 49

The Unstruck Melody:
The Way Of The Sikh -
Letter & Spirit # 49

When the five vices are brought under control, one then attains the state where the unstruck melody can be heard. YUKTANAND SINGH

Netanyahu’s Plan Spells Disaster

Netanyahu’s Plan Spells Disaster

A US-led war against Iran is unwinnable, it will lead to the loss of many lives, and a possible spread of terrorism. Rabbi MICHAEL LERNER

sikhchic.com online poll: What are your views on gun-control?

  • Citizens should have the freedom to buy and own any guns they want.
    Our laws have gone too far -- we need to curtail public gun ownership.
    Guns should be completely banned ... except for military, police, and valid rural, protective and sports usage.
Day Five In Amritsar: <br />The Sandhanwalias

Day Five In Amritsar:
The Sandhanwalias

With the right development the city could attract considerably more tourism. KAREN-EMMA WHITE

The Morning Hukam: <br />A Meditation - <br />Monday, March 2, 2015

The Morning Hukam:
A Meditation -
Monday, March 2, 2015

I hear: “Drench yourself in love.” INNI KAUR

Thinking Outside The Box: <br />The Khalsa Community School <br />Brampton, Canada

Thinking Outside The Box:
The Khalsa Community School
Brampton, Canada

“They’re developing civic sense, they’re becoming responsible, and they are thinking globally.” MARYAM SHAH

Second Sikh Named In Short-List 100 For Proposed Mars Colony: <br /> Sikh-Emarati Ritika Kaur Singh

Second Sikh Named In Short-List 100 For Proposed Mars Colony:
Sikh-Emarati Ritika Kaur Singh

Among men and women selected from around the globe ... NEWS REPORT

When Your Punctuation <br />Says It All (!)

When Your Punctuation
Says It All (!)

I went out with a guy based on his use of dashes once. Within moments of our first interaction — over text message — I was basically in love. JESSICA BENNETT

Day Four In Amritsar: <br />International Fateh Academy

Day Four In Amritsar:
International Fateh Academy

I was keen to establish a link between a school we work with in Thetford, England, and a school in Amritsar. KAREN-EMMA WHITE

Ish Amitoj Kaur & <br />The Theater Factory

Ish Amitoj Kaur &
The Theater Factory

It’s is a place for children to learn the skills of drama while building self-confidence and leadership skills. JESSICA NOEL CHAPIN

International Experts Raise Alarm Over <br />Condition of Punjab’s Forts

International Experts Raise Alarm Over
Condition of Punjab’s Forts

Punjab has taken a US $48 million loan from the Asian Development Bank for promoting cultural heritage tourism. Where's the money? JAIDEEP SARIN


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Sikh-Canadian pioneers gather outside the Gurdwara in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, 1930.

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