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Is It Possible To Have Fun Without Taking A Drink? CHRISTINA TKACIK

Addiction study says 40% of American college students have engaged in “binge drinking” in the past month.

Bizarre Things Get Said In The World Of Quickie, Click-Friendly News Reportage:
The Harman Singh Story TERRY MATTINGLY

The story seems to ignore the fact that this faith has other values and doctrines that can transcend this key element of its piety.

At The Dhaaba:
Assessing Modi’s First Year CHANDER SUTA DOGRA

“Corruption,” he says, “has merely become more expensive during Modi’s rule.”

Scholars Ruminate On Generation Y Sikhs:
Sikh Studies Conference,
University of California, Riverside, USA CHARLES M. TOWNSEND

Focus on the generation of young Sikhs that is currently ‘coming of age’...

Inspired By Seva,
Former Flood Victim Joins Khalsa Aid
To Serve In Nepal YUDHVIR RANA

“The whole village appeared magically inhabited by these tall bearded guys with their turbans …”

Pros & Cons Of A Sikh Regiment In The British Army CHRIS MONDLOCH

Sikh membership in the Armed Services is not proportionate to population demographics, so it makes sense for policymakers to seek a plan to increase recruitment ...

On Radically Divergent Paths,
Fast-Paced China Is Leaving India Behind HEATHER TIMMINS & MADHURA KARNIK

In 1991, per capita GDP for the two countries was practically equal. Per capita GDP in China was $6,807.4 in 2013, almost six times India’s.

The Urdu-isation Of West Punjab ARSALAN ALTAF

At over a hundred million speakers worldwide, Punjabi is one of the world’s most widely spoken languages today.

A Brief Guide To Gender in India MINAL HAJRATWALA, Granta

A fun thing to do if you are a government official in India is to go on a banning spree.

Millennials of The Sikh Diaspora:
Sikh Studies Conference MOJGAN SHERKAT

The term ‘Millennials‘, or ‘Generation Y‘, has been applied to the generation reaching young adulthood in the early 2000s.

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