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British Government Once Again Looks At Forming A Sikh Regiment BEN FARMER

Armed Forces Minister says unit would inherit many of the 'proud traditions of Sikh regiments' from the Army's past.

Sikh-Britons Feed Britain's Homeless BBC NEWS

"When you go to the gurdwara, what's the message? The message is to help others, help your neighbours. That's what we are doing."

Museum Researcher From Duleep Singh’s Town in England Visits Punjab For First-Hand Experience NEETIKA WALTER

“My aim is to exchange ideas on interpreting Anglo-Sikh culture within a museum setting ..."

A Sucker Is Born Every Minute:
And There Are ‘God-Men’ Galore To Help Them Along The Yellow-Brick Road RACHEL MENDELSON

He claimed he could perform miracles in return for large sums of money.

Stay Away From India:
World Governments Warn Off Women Travellers NAYANTARA NARAYANAN

“We advise you not to travel to India unless absolutely necessary.”

Outrage & Sadness:
Chapel Hill, North Carolina MALLIKA KAUR

We need a robust discussion about how such identity-based targeting exists in many forms.


A road dedicated to the great Singh Sabha Movement leader and Sikh scholar, Bhai Ditt Singh ...

Modi Magic Helps Free
All 70 Accused
In 2002 Gujarat Massacres RAHI GAIKWAD

An armed mob of around 5,000 Hindus laid siege to the village ...

The New American Bigot:
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal PETER MANSEAU

He fear-mongered last month, warning of a Muslim “invasion” of the United States.

Look At The Results Of A Much Needed Broom-Sweep in India’s Capital:
Now, How About The Rest Of India? NEWS REPORT

No new MLAs are charged with ‘heinous’ criminal offences ...

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