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Has Anything Changed in India?
Film on Indira’s Execution by India’s Elite Security Force Barred From Indian Theatres SUHASINI RAJ & NIDA NAJAR [Edited by SIKHCHIC.COM]

CEO of India’s Central Board of Film Certification arrested for bribes.

Who Are The Sikh-Afghans? JASJIT SINGH

They've been persecuted for decades ... from being pushed to convert to Islam, to threats of kidnapping for money.

Sikh-Afghan Refugees:
"Their Welfare & Health Is Our First Priority" THE GUARDIAN

Home Office officials say the Sikh-Afghans were found in an 'awful situation' but are being cared for and seeking asylum.

One of The Most Vulnerable Minorities in The World DAVID BLAIR

They have endured persecution both from the Taliban and wider society in a country that is 99 per cent Muslim.

They Risked Their Lives To Rescue A Jew From The Nazis;
71 Years Later, Jews Massacred Their Family in Gaza CHRISTOPHER F. SCHUETZE & ANNE BARNARD

“An insult to the memory of my courageous mother …”

A Desperate Escape to Freedom ARTHUR MARTIN & STEPHEN JOHNS [The Daily Mail] and STEPH COCKROFT & WILLS ROBINSON [MailOnline]

A nightmare journey ...

Making New York City Safer & Better Dr PRABHJOT SINGH

It has been a year since I was attacked near my home in Harlem.

The Children of Gaza:
Israel Is Creating A New Generation Of Enemies HARRIET SHERWOOD in Beit Lahiya

Najia Warshagha, age nine, is a veteran of three conflicts in Gaza. She cannot sleep properly and is always terrified …

Lament of a Legal Alien MANMEET SINGH

If I had come here illegally and married my wife, a U.S. citizen, I'd have a green card by now.

They Came to The U.S. Looking For Freedom …
And Were Hounded On US Soil by Indian Government Representatives CAITLIN DICKSON

U.S. immigration outed the asylum seekers to Indian Govt representatives -- the very oppressors that they are fleeing from!

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