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Scotland's Moment of Destiny ALAN CUMMING

There has never been anything so politically important to me.

A Call For Help:
Ground Zero, Jammu & Kashmir Floods Dr TARANJIT SINGH

Two weeks ago, the most severe flooding the area has experienced in 60 years hit Jammu and Kashmir ...

Building Bridges:
Toronto's New Aga Khan Museum MURRAY WHYTE

So why put it here, on a hillock with a commanding view, mostly, of one of the continent’s worst rush-hour gridlocks?

He Stoked The Fires of Hatred …
Then, In a Sudden About-Face, He Helped Bring Peace in Ireland:

A self-proclaimed bigot, he once interrupted a speech by Pope John Paul II by calling the pontiff the antichrist.

British Army Honours Sikh Role in World War One,
On Saragarhi Day NEWS REPORTS

Tens of thousands of Sikhs from Punjab fought and died for Britain during the conflict.

Vodaphone Declares:
It Is Difficult To Do Business in India TIM WORSTALL

CEO: "I got to know last week (after 10 months of inaction) that the officer dealing with the file has retired ...”

A Chance Encounter in Post 9/11 New York City VISHAVJIT SINGH

The multi-layered contours of Sergeant Mercy’s story resonated with me. I got on the phone and posed a few probing questions.

Media & Politicians Are Nurturing Hate Crimes SIMRAN JEET SINGH

Hateful comments are alienating, but the real problem is how it continues a cycle of other-ing.

I Refuse to Live in Fear HARLEEN KAUR

I was taught to hold my head high and practice my faith fearlessly, regardless of the consequences.

Islamic Rape Gangs:
England’s Rotherham is Just The Tip of The Iceberg JAMES DELINGPOLE

Rotherham -- with 1400 girls abused -- is just the tip of the iceberg.

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