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In India, The Dangerous Meeting Of Women And Fire JESSE PESTA & PREETIKA RANA, The Wall Street Journal

A young wife, Parineeta, is burned, and the scars span generations.

US Conference Explores
India’s Dehumanizing Belief System NEWS REPORT

“Those ideologies are pairing up with those extreme-right ideologies in America.”

An Astounding Scandal …
Even By India’s Terrible Standards EDITORIAL, The New York Times

The sordid tale is yet another startling example of the way corruption corrodes India’s politics.

No Country For Truth-Tellers:
India Deports Author For Amnesty’s Scathing Report On Government Excesses CHRISTINE MEHTA

India terms anyone who raises questions about the conduct of the security forces as “anti-national”.

Today We Mourn,
Tomorrow We Organize VALARIE KAUR

After the last body is buried today, we can honor the dead by shaking off despair and taking bold concrete action.

Wisconsin Sikhs Mourn Charleston Victims Of Latest Racist Terror SARA SIDNER, GLEN DACY, and ALBERTO MOYA, CNN

Sikhism preaches and practices forgiveness. For Sikhs, the act of forgiveness is considered a divine gift.

Terrorism At Home In America:
Three Years Ago, Oak Creek, Wisconsin
- Now Charleston, South Carolina DANIELLE PAQUETTE

Three years ago, members of the Sikh community in Milwaukee seldom locked the gurdwara doors.

Order Of Service:
Gallipoli & The Sikhs -
National Memorial Service
Part IV 1914 SIKHS

"When the last days of my life come, I may die in the might of the battlefield ..."

White Supremacist Terrorist Murders Nine Worshipers in Charleston, South Carolina ANTHEA BUTLER

An act that mirrors a history of terrorism against black institutions …

Order Of Service:
Gallipoli & The Sikhs -
National Memorial Service
Part III 1914 SIKHS

“He alone is called a warrior … who is coloured in the Lord’s Love …”

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