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Making Sense Out of Senseless Tragedy:

"The Gurdwara was kind of closed to us. They didn’t have a lot of trust with the police in India, and they brought it here."


I got my first running bug 13 years ago in 2001 when I saw an ad for the Disney World Marathon ...

The Dowry Violence That Shames Britain PAVAN AMARA

“When I went into labour with my first child, they refused to take me to hospital because I’d been a ‘bad investment’.

Despite Heavy Odds, Report Suggests India’s Sikhs Continue To Live Better Than The Rest in India KANCHAN SRIVASTAVA

Sikhs in the country have, on the average, the most spacious houses with an average area of 635 sq ft.

Why are India's Air Force Planes Falling Out of The Sky? ANDREW NORTH, BBC

More than half the 872 MiGs India had purchased from Russia have been lost in accidents, at a cost of over 200 lives.In peace time!

An Open Letter to Indians in America:
Do You Know What Modi is Really About? ANU ANAND HALL

Modi was banned from visiting the US for a decade for good reason: horrific religious violence unleashed under his watch.

Sikh Publishing House Proposed DAVID BITTON

"I am interested in getting the Guru Granth Sahib printed here," Didar Singh said.

Conduct Unbecoming:
Domestic Violence MALLIKA KAUR

With each step forward, Chahal took several backwards, in his statement following his dismissal from RadiumOne.

False Teachings For India's Students THE EDITORIAL BOARD, NEW YORK TIMES

The education of youth is too important to the country’s future to allow it to be hijacked by ideology that trumps historical facts ...

A Reality Check on Modi's US Visit WILSON MATTU

“Nothing that happens in politics is a surprise. Everything is pre-planned and calculated”.

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