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I Want You To Be Prakash Kaur ARJUN SINGH SOIN

Prakash Kaur is simply 'mother' to her 68 adopted 'daughters' who have never known any other parent.

A New Public Face For Punjab Police KANCHEN VASDEV

The woman constable, Karamveer Kaur, smiles at Bibi and gives her a Daily Diary Report (DDR) form to fill.

Look Ima, No Women!
Forget Freedom of Expression -
Jewish Group Denies Women Right To Even Exist On World Stage JODI RUDOREN, The New York Times

Jewish extremists rush to prove that Islamic radicals are not the only neanderthals around today.

The Power Of The Media:
Sikh School In Brampton To See Traffic-Safety Measures Reinstated DAKSHANA BASCARAMURTY

Brampton's municipal authorities need to do their jobs fairly and properly.

Charlie Hebdo:
Now That The Dust Has Settled,
Behold The Hypocrisy HAROON SIDDIQUI

A Danish daily rejected caricatures of Christ a year earlier, saying they were offensive and “will provoke an outcry.”

In an Unequal World,
Mocking All Serves Only The Powerful SALADIN AHMED, The New York Times

Charlie Hebdo fired its cartoonist, Sine, in 2009 for an anti-semitic column. Is Freedom of Speech a new invention since then?

I Am NOT Charlie Hebdo! -
Why I Can't Support the Original Hashtag JULIAN VIGO, The Huffington Post

Certainly, journalism should remain open, free and critical. But ...

To Be Honest,
We are NOT Charlie Hebdo DAVID BROOKS, The New York Times

It’s a good time to come up with a less hypocritical approach to our own controversial figures, provocateurs and satirists.

Food From The Sky:
United Sikhs Delivers Aid To Remote Flooded Villages In Malaysia PATRICK LEE

The quiet of the Kelantan countryside broke as a blue helicopter circled over the aboriginal village ...

In The Wake Of Charlie Hebdo:
Why Satire Matters ROBERT DARDEN

If God loves us, we should love ourselves and we should love other people. Period. Full stop.

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