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Modi & The RSS Hindu-On-Hindu Violence ADITYA MENON

Every leader who wants to rise up in the BJP has drawn one lesson from Modi's meteoric rise: hate pays.

Yet Another Dangerous Move in India:
Portents Of Times To Come? SIMRAN KAUR

Having got away with impunity with excesses against minorities, now extremist Hindus are turning against their own co-religionists.

A Collective Thirst For Blood Isn’t The Solution To India’s Rape Culture GUNEET KAUR

"The frustration of being helpless, the anger over societal indifference and the guilt we are made to feel ..."

Celebrate Your High Holiday With Pride:
Sikh-Canadian MP Nina Kaur Grewal
Tells Christians RYAN MALONEY

"The spirit of the season is often bruised by unnecessary political correctness ..."

A Lot Of Ignorance Out There In Them Thar Hills VISHAVJIT SINGH

In August  2001, I rolled my unshorn hair into a bun on top of the head and wrapped a turban after 10 years.

No Such Thing As Racial Profiling:
Simply & Honestly Put, It Is Racism JELANI COBB

The skewed thinking that forms the context in which black people die in the United States ...


In this year of WWI centennial celebrations, a unique insight into Britain's colonial duplicity, misplaced loyalties, local sufferings ...

America Cannot Breathe:
Not Until The Police Are Held Accountable JASBIR KAUR BAWA

Is it an illustration that America believes black lives do not actually matter?

Take My Breath Away:
13 Of The 20 Most Polluted Cities On Earth Are Indian SHIBAJI ROYCHOUDHURY

India's capital has six times the levels of airborne particulate matter than are considered safe.

A New India:
New Delhi’s School Children Brawl Over Religious Lines FAIZEN HAIDER & PRAWESH LAMA

In one instance, two children were asked about their religion before being beaten up by fellow students.

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