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India: Censorship by the BJP/RSS Batra Brigade:

America has also seen unsuccessful Hindu attempts to censor books in a manner alarmingly similar ...

Desperately Seeking to Stem His Political Slide, Prime Minister Claims Britain is a Christian Country JOHN BINGHAM

"David Cameron is sowing sectarianism and division ..."

India: Censorship by the BJP/RSS Batra Brigade:

One Bangalore law firm issued a legal notice suggesting that the Penguin Books logo be changed from a penguin to a chicken.

A Leader Let Down by His Party and His Country:
Manmohan Singh MARK TULLY

Manmohan Singh has failed to defend himself vigorously. This, I believe, is because of his modesty.

Hana Kaur and Her Culture Club PAMELA CONSTABLE

Hana Kaur is the driving force behind the school’s new Cultural Awareness Club, and her leadership sends a subtle message.

Gurdwaras Organize Bone Marrow Drive HARRY KEMBLE & SUNHAIL PATEL

The chance of finding a matching donor within the community is far smaller than if you were from a Caucasian background.


Conceptualised by Harinder Singh & Kirandeep Kaur, the power-couple behind the “1469“ stores, it celebrates the traditional embroidery of Punjab,

The Mullock Auction Sword Has No Connection With Maharaja Ranjit Singh:
Says Sikh Museum Curator SANDEEP SINGH BRAR

Somewhere and somehow, inexplicably, the jump was made by someone connecting this sword with actual ownership by the Maharaja ...

The Tiger of Jelutong:
Karpal Singh [1940 - 2014] DIN MERICAN

The vocal politician graduated from University of Singapore and started his law practice before running for Parliament in 1978.

For The Dead and The Living,
We Must Bear Witness SIMRAN JEET SINGH

The question actually did cross my mind: "Is all this security really necessary?"

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