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When Your Punctuation

I went out with a guy based on his use of dashes once. Within moments of our first interaction — over text message — I was basically in love.

A New Comic-Book
Sikh Super Hero --
Who Loves Elvis CBS NEWS

There’s a new superhero in town and he doesn’t sport a cape, mask or wear embarrassing tights.

Want To Be A Writer?
The 22 Rules Of Storytelling CYRIAQUE LAMAR

"Simplify. Focus. Hop over detours. You'll feel like you're losing valuable stuff but it sets you free ..."

The Poet Every Woman Needs to Read:

"Moments. People's stories. Their experiences. And the way those experiences make them feel ..."

Super Sikh Deep Singh:
New Comic Book Hero NEWS REPORT

At night, he's on undercover missions destroying the plans of evil villains. By day, he works at a mundane technology job.

Sophia Duleep Singh:
Princess, Suffragette, Revolutionary A Book Review by BOYD TONKIN

"You are never, ever not to vote … When you are allowed to vote you are never, ever to fail to do so."

With Love From Khushwant Singh D. S. CHEEMA

Easily the most loved, read and admired Indian writer ...

Roll of Honour:
An Interview With Author Amandeep Singh Sandhu,
& Punjabi Translator Daljit Ami An Interview by PREETI SINGH

Literature based on acts of human atrocities against a race, community or caste has become an independent genre.

Writing About Love ALICE L. DANIEL

The stories address love and the resulting joys, complications, even disappointments – love for a place, a man, a woman, a career.

Two New Volumes of
Fascinating Folk Tales of Punjab A Review by MANMEET KAUR

Gurmeet Kaur has included words from folklore that are from the Guru Granth Sahib but are disappearing ...

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