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The Case of The Missing Street Signs by GURMUKH SINGH

The street-sign for 'Punjab Avenue', a street in California's Fresno County, has become a favourite with thieves.

Too Much Time On Their Hands? TIMES OF INDIA

Haryana Police have concluded - by studying their criminals closely! - that similar fingerprints between couples points to marital compatibility.

Damn Those Pesky Cell Phones:
India's Hindus Want Unmarried Women Hands-Off The Gizmos YAHOO NEWS

All parents have been told to ensure their unmarried daughters do not use cell phones. The boys? No prob-lem!

New State-of-the-Art Airport Security NEWS REPORT

"It'll be a win-win for everyone, and there will no longer have to be any of the crap about racial profiling ..."

Baby Doodads:
For The Slow and The Challenged? by FARHAD MANJOO

If you don't know what to do with your new baby, what you may need is a Cry Translator, a Why Cry Baby Analyzer, and a mamaRoo. Truly!

Free Thyself From The Cycle of Maya ... and Junk Mail! Contributed by BISWADEEP BOSE

In the Great Dialogue between Krishna and Arjun, the subject - inevitably - is the great evil of the Interenet.

When Indiro Stood Before Dharamraj THE CONGRESS PARTY FILES

"I've made up my mind, I want to be in heaven", says Indiro. "I'm sorry," says Dharamraj, "but we have our rules."

Thank The Good Lord! It's Finally Here: The Donut Holder NEWS REPORT

It's sole and lofty purpose is to carry around a single donut. Yep. It does one thing, and one thing well - it carries your donut.

This Ravan Just Wont Die by IANS

Thousands of years have gone by since this event around Sita's abduction purportedly happened. Is it time to forgive and forget, and move on?

The Village Constable by T. SHER SINGH

"Look at those chickens! They look like an unruly lot. What do you feed them?" Bota Singh, the policeman, demanded an answer.

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