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Thank The Good Lord! It's Finally Here: The Donut Holder




Taking full advantage of the lull in the nuclear stand-off between Hindustan and Pakistan, while the desis are busy asking the Hindu goddess Durga for more power - and then (un)ceremoniously dumping her into the river! - and the Sikhs of Punjab are busy celebrating the annual escape and re-descent of Indiro, the Wicked Witch of the East, into hell ... well, inventors suddenly found themselves with a bit of time on their hands.

And, mercifully, were able to turn their attention, albeit briefly, to improving the general lot of mankind. 

As a direct result, our illustrious Japanese brethren ... and sistern too ... have managed to finish and present to the world this millennium's greatest gadget, which is bound to change our lives for the better.

Especially, us Canadians!

It's the appropriately monikered Dougnut-To-Go. For the spelling-challenged, its Donut-To-Go!  

It's sole and lofty purpose is to carry around a single donut.

Yep. It does one thing, and one thing well - it carries your donut.

According to these informative product photos, you'll be able to carry just about any fried dough pastry with a hole in the middle in it. Chocolate glazed, check. Cake, check. Round crullers, check. Kreme or Jelly-filled, sorry, you're S.O.L. 

And my favourite: the sour-cream-glazed!

The Donut-To-Go even has a special security hole, so you can lock your doughy treat up and keep it away from would be thieves.

As an added bonus, it's ventilated and can be put in the microwave to heat up your precious edible prize. Or, fill it with a ton of popcorn and oil, lock it shut, put it in the microwave, and watch it explode. (Tell anyone we gave you that idea, and we'll deny it.) 

There's also a handy Chupa Chup holder in the middle.


Why not? 

Speaking of holes, the makers of the Donut-To-Go haven't said if they have plans for a Munchkin holder, but I think they should get to work on that next.

You can order the Donut-To-Go over at Rakuten's Ketai Strap store for about $12 (USD).

[Wink, wink, hint, hint ... it's Christmas in a few weeks ... and yes, I do like my daily donut ... fresh and safe from greedy eyes!]


[Courtesy: Technabob]

October 29, 2010

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1: Inderpreet Singh (Chelmsford, MA, U.S.A.), October 29, 2010, 3:46 PM.

Nice. If I may show off my Japanese (katagana skills) - here are the names of the colors in the picture: furogu gureenu - frog green; ponee buraohn - pony brown; rabeeto pinku - rabbit pink; babee hohaito - baby white. Mr. Donut in Sannomiya station in Kobe, Japan was a frequent stop for me during my high school years. But I don't think I would have ever used one of these. The donut/ doughnut is gone in seconds anyway! :-)

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