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Can you solve this great new Indian riddle? It has baffled people around the world, distracting them from far more important things - such as the romps of Will & Kate or the trials and tribulations of Rupert Murdoch.    


A public school teacher was arrested today as he attempted to board a flight while in possession of a ruler, a protractor, a compass, a slide-rule and a calculator.

Professor Identifies 14 Types of The Human Proboscis NEWS REPORT

Prof. Abraham Tamir of Ben-Gurion University in Israel has completed a survey classifying and recording the different types of the human nose.

The Gods Must Be Crazy HUFFINGTON POST

Is there any "humane" way to murder an animal? And if it is deemed wrong to slaughter a four-legged chicken, why is it right to slaughter all of the two-legged ones?

52 Ways Of How NOT to Make a Male Child:
Money-back Guarantee DAILY MAIL

Is this the world's smelliest man? Kailash has not had a wash for 37 years, Why? Because he believes that NOT washing will help him have a son.

The End is Nigh by ROY SPECKHARDT

There's good news ... and there's bad news. The Bad News first: The world will end on May 21. The Good News: You won't have to go to work on Monday morning! Yippee!

Yet Another Challenge For Us? Osamity Sam THE POKE

The rabbit-hating, gun-toting ginger cowboy with little legs and a big temper is to be ‘brought into the 21st century,' swapping his Stetson for a turban!

There's A Sucker Born Every Minute by DALJIT KAUR

A smudge of dirt on a badly laundered rumala is being imagined by some as a khanda and some sort of a sign from some god.

It's True! In India, Politicians Grow On Trees by ASIT JOLLY

As always, India is an innovator in terms of human behaviour. Here's something politicians in the West can emulate to their advantage.

I Was Gandhi's Boyfriend by PAUL RUDNICK

So I ask him if he's come out to his parents, and he says, "Oh, no, they're all old-school Hindu and they wouldn't understand."

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