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Yet Another Challenge For Us? Osamity Sam




‘Bugs Bunny in Pakistan 3D', the new full-length animated motion picture from Disney, is to feature a ‘politically revamped' version of the carrot-chomper's arch-enemy, Yosemite Sam.

The rabbit-hating, gun-toting ginger cowboy with little legs and a big temper is to be ‘bought into the 21st century,' according to studio bosses, swapping his Stetson for a turban and the deserts of the Mid-west for the mountains of Pakistan.

Osamity Sam will ‘wage jihad on rabbits', coming up with ever more ingenuous ways to blow ‘Thugs' Bunny up - while trying to blow himself up at the same time.

"Of course, Bugs always escapes in the nick of time," says Disney executive Chuck Winefield, "leaving Osamity to pull on his beard, stamp his feet, and angrily discharge his Russian assault rifles into the drone-filled sky."

In the final scene Bugs will sneek into Osamity's hideout while he sleeps, replacing his turban with a bomb wrapped in bandages. When Osamity wakes up, he puts the bomb on his head and blows himself to pieces.

"Above all it's a family picture," adds Winefield, "with a real message for the kids. And that message is there are people in the world who hate rabbits. And carrots. And freedom. And they will surely die a bloody and violent death in the their own homes/ hide-outs/ compounds."





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1: Jurat Singh (London, United Kingdom), May 19, 2011, 10:50 AM.

There's a lesson to be learned from this. Humour is the most effective vehicle today, even within the hi-tech world. We should turn to it in a big way to counter stereo-types - it's the most efficient way of using their own weapons to overcome the bigots. And Sikhs are adept at humour like no one else is!

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