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Too Much Time On Their Hands?




Karnal, Haryana, India

Move over, horoscope matching, count on the fingerprints.

According to a study by the Crime Record Bureau of Haryana Police, couples with similar fingerprints have better compatibility.

The Fingerprint Bureau, a wing of the Haryana's State Crime Record Bureau at Madhuban in Karnal, analyzed 500 couples selected randomly from the state.

The study revealed that couples with identical fingerprints enjoyed a happy married life and had better understanding and coordination. On the other hand, couples with contrasting patterns on the ridges of their fingers had a strained relationship.

Additional Director-General of Police, Layak Ram Dabas said: ''After analyzing the patterns of the ridges on fingers, we concluded that out of 500 sample couples, around 150 had a matching or closer pattern of ridges. They reported a happy married life."

Confirms that India's police are adept at twiddling their thumbs. 

Only in India, you say? Pity!


December 23, 2010

Conversation about this article

1: Karam Singh (Agra, India), December 23, 2010, 3:18 PM.

Wow! This is bound to change things all around for the better. Happy marriages, successful relationships ...! The Haryana police dept. should be nominated for the Nobel Prize ... I bet you, someone in this wonderful country has already done that. What with the recent debacle of the Commonwealth Games and the total flop of the Delhi International Book Fair this week (only two countries have signed up!), Lord knows we desperately need a boost to our world-class image. And now that the Haryanvi police has nothing to do ... again! ... maybe they can turn their minds to finding the formula to world peace!

2: Ujjal Singh (New Delhi, India), December 23, 2010, 3:39 PM.

I think we should have a session of WikiLeaks every year, especially vis-a-vis India. I would give a lot to read all that the foreign diplomatic missions here in India send back to their home-countries about us. Since desis do care a lot about what the "phoren peepull" think about us, it'll help bring us come down a notch or two from our shaky pedestal. Is someone going to check into why the police in Haryana are not doing police work? Or are we too busy trying to knock off some of the Commonwealth Games gangsters to prevent all of the truth from coming out?

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