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Soul Food:
The Roundtable Open Forum # 150 CHITRA SWAMINATHAN

Parshad as a sacrament is an integral part of the Sikh way of life: the preparation, the sharing and partaking, and its symbolism.

On Vaisakhi Day,
Some Thoughts On Rejuvenation
- The Roundtable Open Forum

Vaisakhi has, since the Great Gathering, signified a renewed beginning for us Sikhs.

A New Challenge For Punjabi:
The Roundtable Open Forum # 148 GURTEJ SINGH

Mere claims like ‘Punjabi is the third largest spoken language in the UK after English and Polish’ won't solve the problem.

Why I Fled From India … Twice!
The Roundtable Open Forum # 147 KETAKI DESAI

“Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go …”

If It Looks Like A Duck And Quacks Like a Duck …
Article 25 Of The Constitution of India:
Why Blame Others? Dr JOGISHWAR SINGH

Why are we so bothered by this abominable provision?

Who Cares For Our Elderly Today?
The Roundtable Open Forum #145 MARGARET WENTE

My husband and I don’t have children. When old and frail, we may depend entirely on the kindness of strangers.

Our Public Relations Problem:
The Roundtable Open Forum #144 DAWINDER SINGH SIDHU

The report is a damning indictment of Sikh civil rights efforts over the past 13-plus years.

Taking The Helmet Issue
Head On
With Technological Innovation:
The Roundtable Open Forum # 143 ARYEH LEIB

It remains to be seen whether it will accommodate a turban, but it should work very effectively with a patka.

What Makes A Good Politician?
What Makes Naheed Nenshi The Best Mayor In The World?
Roundtable Open Forum # 142 T. SHER SINGH

What makes Nenshi tick? How can we clone him?

The Roundtable Open Forum # 141 CHETANDEEP SINGH

Respect is a revered term used a multitude of times in our lives ...

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