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Why Do We Have
Nagar Kirtans?
Roundtable Open Forum #160 AMRIK KAUR

How did the concept begin and what was its initial purpose?

Shame On You!
An Open Letter To Gurdwara Committees:
Roundtable Open Forum # 159 JAYDEEP SINGH BHATIA

“You have created a toxic environment within our religious institutions.”

Diversity Makes You Brighter:
Roundtable Open Forum #158 SHEEN S. LEVINE and DAVID STARK

Research shows that diversity actually benefits everyone, minorities and majority alike.

Seeking Justice:
Rountable Open Forum # 157 THE ECONOMIST

What sounds like a religious schism in Punjab could be a cry for better political leadership

The Wedding Smashers:
The Roundtable Open Forum #156 SUNNY SINGH HUNDAL

“Our gurdwaras are run by men and the protesters are all men …”

Ten Essential Books To Help You Explore The Sikh Faith:
The Roundtable Open Forum #155 THE HUFFINGTON POST

Find a comfortable nook, settle in and let these books be your guide.

How To Make The Perfect Chana Masala FELICITY CLOAKE

Whether eaten as snack, main meal or breakfast …

Hello, Ji!
The Roundtable Open Forum # 153 VIDEO

The comedian encourages us to think about things which we otherwise sweep away safely, ‘out-of-sight, out-of-mind’.

When All Peaceful Means Have Been Exhausted …
Roundtable Open Forum # 152 T. SHER SINGH

Within a span of 75 seconds, the video captures what India is all about, and what being a Sikh is all about.

Pioneer Nuclear Physicist:
Dr Piara Singh Gill -
Roundtable Open Forum # 151 ARJAN SINGH

An epic story of a man who rose from humble roots to the top of his chosen field of scientific research ...

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