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The Roundtable Open Forum # 72
A Multi-Million Dollar Birthday Gift For Yourself by BILLY JOHNSON

For his 21st birthday Thursday, the Atlanta rapper bought himself a $35 million dollar private jet, a rep from his management team reportedly told TMZ.

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A Single Pleasure Ere Summer Fades NEW YORK TIMES

If you manage to do nothing else for your own pleasure in this season of unclaimed hours, you will read that book, see that movie, watch that show ...

Help ... It's My Mother-in-Law ANONYMOUS

My husband and I are both British-born Sikhs and tradition dictates we live with his parents. The problem is his mother. My husband told me "to develop thicker skin" ...

What Is In A Name?
The Roundtable Open Forum # 69 by NAVEEN KALIA

Kevin is actually Sushmit Singh and Eric's real name is Asmit Singh. Patrick is Sarabdeep Singh. There is a Stephen and Smithy in the family as well.

1984: The Lessons of History
The Roundtable Open Forum #68 by I.J. SINGH

Jews, who were being increasingly targeted by Nazis in brutal violence, formed only one percent of Germany’s population, but were a prominent visible minority.

The Bilingual Advantage: The Roundtable Open Forum # 67 by CLAUDIA DREIFUS

The conventional wisdom was that bilingualism was a disadvantage. Some of this was xenophobia. Thanks to science, we now know that the opposite is true.

Dya Singh: Ruminations of A Hirsute Minstrel by DYA SINGH

What is the big deal, we might all ask ... I was surprised as to how much it affected me. I do have quite nice legs, if I may say so, but to see one of them shaved was disgusting!

Now That Osama bin Laden is Dead ...
The Roundtable Open Forum # 65 by I.J. SINGH

As a Sikh, I am profoundly concerned. The past ten years have seen many hate crimes against innocent Sikh-Americans, including murder ...

Nitpicking on 1984: The Topsy-Turvy World of Lord Haw-Haw by I.J. SINGH

I have received e-mails from certain individuals in India challenging the right of Sikhs abroad to question India's policies as "interference" in India's internal affairs.

Sikh Men's Group

Sikh men, 18 years and over, are invited to an inaugural meeting of The Sikh Men's Group on Saturday, May 7, 2011, at 6.00 pm.

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