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Sardar Harbinder Singh Rana:
Here Was A Man!
August 16, 1959 - December 27, 2018 T. SHER SINGH

His life was gentle; and the elements / So mixed in him, that Nature might stand up / And say to all the world, THIS WAS A MAN!”

The Kind of Chest-Size The World Needs Today:
Super Hero Police Officer Gagandeep Singh BASANT RATH

The unimpeachable integrity of public servants is the only guarantee that democracy won't be reduced to majoritarianism.

The Making of A Political Superstar:
Jagmeet Singh EMILY LANDAU

Canada’s left has pinned its hopes on Jagmeet Singh, a charismatic leader with a taste for flashy suits and a following that should make Justin Trudeau nervous.

The Tradition Of Dialogue In Sikhi:
Prof Darshan Singh Challenges The Hinduization Of Sikh Institutions HARMEET SHAH SINGH

“When politicians use divisiveness as a strategy to win elections -- dialogue can be an antidote."

Air Marshal Arjan Singh:
April 15, 1919 - September 16, 2017 MANIMUGDHA S SHARMA

The only person to hold the rank of Air Marshal and 5-star General in India’s history.

Brave Defiance In The Face Of Hindutva’s Ignorance & Bigotry:

She spoke out against the violence spawned by a right wing Hindu students group, ABVP.

This Needs Research - V:
Who Was Lehna Singh Majithia? T. SHER SINGH

Engineer, mathematician, astronomer, minister, general, emperor’s counsel, poet, litterateur ...

Sir Mota Singh
[1930 - November 11, 2016] NEWS REPORT

Sikhdom has lost a great soul.

Second World War Hero Went On To Win Human Rights Battle In Canada:
Lt Col Pritam Singh Jauhal TU THANH HA

Fought for Allies in North Africa.

Banda Singh Bahadar MAJID SHEIKH

What happened on March 10, 1746 needs to be put in its historical context.

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