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Rabindranath Tagore's Tribute to Banda Singh Bahadar

The Nobel-Laureate poet upholds that the seeming defeat of the Sikhs was a victory in the test of history.

TriCentenary of Banda Singh's First Khalsa Raj by RAMANINDER KAUR BHATIA

A march across India, which began in Nanded, Maharashtra, concludes today in Lohgarh, Banda Bahadar's old capital.

General Harbaksh Singh:Modern India's Greatest Soldier by Capt. AMARINDER SINGH

He was a soldier's soldier!

RCMP Sergeant Baltej Singh Dhillon Speaks Out by GURMUKH SINGH

"An act of crime by someone should not be confused with the desire of a group to practise their religion."

Air Marshal Shivdev Singh THE SIKH REVIEW

Flying the Sterling aircraft over occupied France and Germany in WW II, he was decorated for gallantry.


In a world that wants to ban turbans, a dead hero is privately inspiring hope. 

Dr. Anarkali Kaur Honaryar:
Afghanistan's Sikh Heroine by SAMBUDDHA MITRA MUSTAFI

She wanted to be a pilot as a child, but is now acclaimed as a leading campaigner for the rights of Afghan women.

The Gift by T. SHER SINGH

Listening to the permutations and combinations of his kirtan is like circling a sculpture, and discovering a different piece at every step.

Amir Singh: The Pied Piper of Singapore (January 9th, 2010)by SANMEET KAUR

With the allure of kirtan and divine music, he drew thousands from around the world to The Word.

Presenting: The Chic Sikhs of 2009 Editorial by I.J. SINGH

The Winners of this signal honour are three: Harvinder Singh Phoolka; Manmohan Singh; and Saran Singh & The Sikh Review jointly.

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