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Savaa - Adding a Quarter To The Whole! Why?
Sikhing Answers - X

An old custom: when giving money for charity, for example, adding savaa - a quarter of the original amount - or giving $101 instead of just $100 ...

Do I Have To Eat Langar?
Sikhing Answers - IX

Is it necessary for me to partake in langar when I go to the gurdwara to attend diwan, or to listen to kirtan? If yes, why?

What does the Clarion Call of "Boley So Nihaal ..." Mean?
Sikhing Answers - VIII

The full-throated clarion call - jaikaara - of "Boley so Nihaal, Sat Sri Akaal! is heard wherever Sikhs are ... at worship, at play, at work ...

Sikhs Are Allowed to Eat Beef & Pork
- But Other Animals?
Sikhing Answers - VII

While Sikhs are not restricted from eating either pork or beef, are there any restrictions re any other animals that apply to Sikhs?

Who is Bhagauti?
Sikhing Answers - VI

The daily Sikh prayer - the ardaas - begins with a series of invocations, and the very first one is to "Bhagauti" ... "pritham bhagauti simar kay ... " are the very opening words.

Why Do We Say "Waheguru!" Every Time We Sneeze?
Sikhing Answers - V

You will invariably have heard your parents and grandparents say "Waheguru!" or "Satnaam Waheguru!" every time they sneeze.

Touching The Feet:
Sikhing Answers - IV

As children, we have been taught by our parents to greet our elders - grandparents, for example - by touching their feet. And to do the same in parting, after a visit.

What is Milni?
Sikhing Answers - III

Every Sikh wedding is preceded by an odd event enacted outside the gurdwara, shortly before the commencement of the Anand Karaj - of pairs of men, one from each side, ceremoniously hugging each other. Then the women ...  

What Is The Fifty?
Sikhing Answers - II

The 'fifty' is a band of cloth, visible in the form of a triangle on the forehead of a Sikh wearing a turban, just below the cusp or peak of the turban. 

Sikhing Answers

The inaugural question in a new, regular feature: What is the reasoning behind removing our shoes and washing our feet before we enter the divan hall of a gurdwara?

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