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Why Does A Sikh Groom Arrive At His Wedding On A Horse?
Sikhing Answers - XX

In this day and age of cars and limousines, what is the meaning behind such a custom?

Why Does Every Gurdwara Have a Nishaan Sahib?
Sikhing Answers - XIX

Why does every gurdwara in the world have a Nishaan Sahib - the Sikh Nation's Standard - flying outside it?

What Is A Parbhaat Pheri?
Sikhing Answers - XVIII

What is a Parbhaat Pheri? What is its purpose? Who participates in them? When? Where? What are its origins?

What Is A Vaak?
Sikhing Answers - XVII

Why do we 'take' it? How do we take it? Is it the same as receiving 'Hukam'? What is its significance? When do we take one? Where? How often?

Why Is The Karra Made Of Iron Or Steel?
Sikhing Answers - XVI

What if I'm allergic to iron and steel? Is it okay for the affluent to wear gold karras?

Why Do We Sit On The Floor In Langar?
Sikhing Answers - XV

Why do we sit on the floor while eating in the gurdwara langar? Is it mere tradition or is there a purpose, a meaning, behind the practice?

Why Do We Beat The Nagaara At The Conclusion of a Gurdwara Service?
Sikhing Answers -XIV

Booming beats of a nagaara often mark the conclusion of the ardaas in a gurdwara service - accompanied by jaikaras.

Is There Anything Wrong In Wearing A Tattoo?
Sikhing Answers - XIII

A permanent one? What if it is merely temporary and washes off? A Sikh emblem? Ik Oankaar or a Khanda?

Why Do We Not Clap Our Hands In A Gurdwara?
Sikhing Answers - XII

Why don't we ever clap our hands in a gurdwara? To join in the kirtan or to express approval and agreement, or to applaud?

What is Hola Mohalla?
Sikhing Answers - XI

On Friday, March 9 this year, we will celebrate Hola Mohalla? What is Hola? Why was it created as a Sikh festival? Why do we observe it?

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