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"... they ask of me: / tell us a story of your ancestors ..."

Punjabi A Poem by JASPREET SINGH

“Punjabi falls on Canadian streets and sidewalks / as both snow and baraf / beckoning everyone to slip slide on its intimate / yet enigmatic surfaces …”

Duleep Singh A Poem by JASPREET SINGH

“As for me yes there is a bit / of emotion. Sometimes nothing / at all …”

Surge of Emotion:
Valvalla A poem by Bhai Vir Singh, translated from Punjabi by Dr YUKTANAND SINGH:

Those summits, where / Wings of reason were / Turned to ashes

Kant Maheli A Poem by Bhai VIR SINGH, translated from Punjabi by INNI KAUR

The voice in this poem is that of a maheli. A maheli who is drenched in love. How does one translate 'maheli'? But more importantly, who is a maheli?

Broken English A Poem by RUPI KAUR

“ …was it worth it to put all of our money / into the dream of a country that is swallowing us whole …”

The Month of Poh A Poem by INNI KAUR

“Beloved, without you, / My courtyard is empty, My home is foreign.”

800 Screaming Fans In A Los Angeles Theatre!
Rock Star? Hollywood Diva?
No, Rupi Kaur … Reading Poetry! EVA RECINOS

It seems as if the energy might turn into a spark, then a fire.

Unni Sau Chaurasi:
Harbhajan Singh’s
Poetry of Nineteen-Eighty-Four MAHMOOD AWAN

The longing and sadness of a helpless, stateless soul.

Rupi Kaur’s Poetry Collections Are The Top-Selling Books In The United States AGATHA FRENCH, The Los Angeles Times

It is genius to pick the things that almost everyone could recognize in their lives.

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