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“Let This Entire Nation Tell Its Children”:
November, A Collection Of Poems by Jaspreet Singh A Book Review by MARKETA HOLTEBRINCK

All the while burning in ever renewing flames ...

‘November: Poems’
by Canada’s Jaspreet Singh,
Tops Audreys Books’ Edmonton Fiction Bestseller List NEWS REPORT

“Infused with a deep sense of humanity …”

Sovereign Of Light Bhai VIR SINGH, translated from Punjabi by INNI KAUR

He is the sea of rapture. He is the lake of exuberance. He is the inspiration of the spring season. He is the river of joy.

The Universe's Daughter JASKEERAT KAUR GILL

“To get your life on track, / Plant trees more and more …”

Operation BlueStar A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

'Blue Star' is the name given by astronomers to giant, aging stars which explode and become large, black holes. 

June 1984:
I Was Kneading Bread A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

" A continent away. A woman, not much older,/ Was plotting military strategy ..."

June 1984 A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

"Blood is murky and opaque, / It darkens history / Perverts humanity ..."

Tiny Being A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

"Scripture she sang to you/ Scripture she bathed you in/ Every hour,/ In a voice so fair the Gurus heard their history ..."

Sikh-Briton Jaspreet Kaur And The Spoken Word ELLEN SCOTT

She’s tough. She’s no holds barred. Her way of tackling the tough stuff? Spoken word poetry.

A ‘Ballad’, A ‘Story-Poem’ JASPREET SINGH

"Each time he sights a ship / passing into absence / Blood comes out of his nose ..."

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