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Finding Peace Amongst The Changpa Text & Photos by AMARDEEP SINGH

The tribesmen continue to live in harmony with the environment.

Freedom to Pray:
Dubai, United Arab Emirates RAMOLA TALWAR BADAM

Dubai's new gurdwara is now a must-see for tourists.

The Sikh Stamp on Italian Cheese KHUSHWANT SINGH, Chandigarh, Punjab

“We certainly owe it to the Sikhs for keeping the business of cheese alive.”

Monte Cassino:

It recharges my spiritual batteries, renews my belief that we shall overcome all obstacles ...

Our Trek to Hemkunt DYA SINGH

My daughter had promised to take a dip in the serovar if I did so too -- an item on her 'bucket' list.


The message has been forgotten through politically induced amnesia!

Seeking Peace:
Hemkund and the Valley of Flowers MICHAEL BENANAV

" ... and a sense of contact with something far greater than myself."

Ever Heard of Rawalsar? DYA SINGH

“So, this is your 'bhujangi'?” a Nihang asks me, pointing to my ten-year-old grandson.

The Kikar Lodge T. SHER SINGH

The very name of the resort evokes a deep emotional response within me.

Looking Into the Jaws of Death Valley T. SHER SINGH

The world around us changes colour and shape even as we move through it.

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