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Dubai Gurdwara Feeds The Masses MITYA UNDERWOOD

For the 50,000-strong Sikh community in the UAE, the annual Vaisakhi festival is one of the biggest in the calendar.

New Delhi, The Capital City of India:
A Showcase For Bad Behaviour ZIA US SALAM

Just imagine the plight of a first-time visitor to the national Capital. What does he find?

Between A Mosque and a Madrassah:
Karachi’s Ratan Talao Gurdwara AKHTAR BALOUCH

With a sad smile on his face, he said: “You must know why no records of it can be found.”

"You're Always Welcome!" LARA KLOPP

He said, “Please come back, anytime. Come for a meal ..."

The Da Vinci (Dress) Code JOGISHWAR SINGH

"Three young Italian soldiers wearing blue berets stopped me and said that I would have to remove my turban ..."

Rai Bahadar Lal Singh:
Cartographer Article & Photos by AMARDEEP SINGH

Lal Singh’s motivation in the expedition was to map the remote Taklamakan territories.

The Khanda That Adorns Arlington National Cemetery:

Arlington is much more than a tourist site, it is also an active military cemetery.

The Ladakh-Tibet Expedition of Ranjit Singh's Army Text & Photos by AMARDEEP SINGH

In an operation lasting three and a half months, some 550 miles of Tibetan territory was captured.

Where Guru Nanak Met the Siddhs for Dialogue:
Mount Kailash Text & Photos by AMARDEEP SINGH

To Sikhs, the region has only historical significance.


The roads were better than those in Europe ... the city's infrastructure was state of the art..

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