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Historical Gurdwaras of Bangladesh WAQAR A. KHAN

There are approx. seven gurdwaras in Dhaka, Mymensingh, Chittagong and Sylhet alone.

The Magic Of Punjab LYDIA BELL

Forget the Taj Mahal -- the Golden Temple is a humdinger of a monument that leaves the more profound spiritual effect.

Rolling Rotis In Amritsar's Golden Temple SHOBA NARAYAN

Some volunteers simply roll the dough into small balls, another group presses them into perfectly round flatbreads …

Republic Of Fiji Honours Its Sikh Pioneers On Its New Currency TECH WIKI

An imposing Sardar is featured on new two-dollar bill.

The Wall Of Truth:
November 1984 New Delhi Sikh Genocide Memorial SEHAR QAZI

It will be the first such memorial in the country which continues to deny the nation-wide genocide.

Patna Chalo!
All Roads Lead To Patna NEWS REPORT

Patna Sahib railway station has turned into a mini Punjab with Sikhs flocking to the station from around the world …

Abbotsford Museum Exhibits Award-Winning Sikh Displays NORTH BY NORTHWEST

The museum's current exhibit applies a feminist perspective to traditional Sikhism.


The Havelis of Maharaja Ranjit Singh as well as his ancestors are still found in this city.

A Century Of Sikh History In Australia:
And The Australian Sikh Heritage Trail SHONAKSHI

The Australian Sikh Heritage Trail celebrates the Sardars of the Outback.

Tokyo's Gurdwara MEGHA WADHWA

Tokyo’s Sikh community has now established its first house of worship.

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