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From time to time, we welcome columnists from other publications to join us and bring to our readers their stories, ideas, opinions and reflections.

Day Twelve:
Back In Amritsar -
The Khalsa College KAREN-EMMA WHITE

It’s difficult to put into words the grandeur of the building and it’s size.

True Leadership by UDAYAN DRAVID

The leader has to create a greater noble cause for inspiring his/ her followers.

Becoming True To My Name:
Kaur/ Princess by Gupt Kuri

It is easy to brag about how our last name means 'princess' but it takes hard work to become that princess.

Standing At The Annual Crossroads by HARINDER SINGH

The 12G Force - remember Star Wars? - demands I continue to religiously develop myself and my surroundings.


I am a firm believer in chardi kalaa. It is so easy to smile. So, smile! ... Be a kid ... It can make you an even better adult.

17-yr-old Gurtej: "What Is Success?" by GURTEJ KAUR CHEEMA

I am aware that I have been exposed and introduced to multiple opportunities others cannot even imagine ...

Snatam Kaur's Shabad in New Hollywood Film by HARGOBIND SINGH

This is the first time Snatam Kaur's music has been featured in a major Hollywood film.

Jewish Passover: Making It Personal by YVETTE ALT MILLER

"I will remember that each of those Jews held true to their Jewish faith, so that I, too, could one day sit around a table of opulence ..."

It Takes All Kinds ... To Fill A Gurdwara! by KARMINDER SINGH

There appear to be 20 observable categories of people who come to the Gurdwara ...

Vegetarianism and I by GURUJOT SINGH

I think of the Native Americans and Innuit and so many other traditions that eat meat, but do it in a spiritual way.

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