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Michele Gibson is a crisis worker living in Ontario, Canada, with a love of art, literature and humanity and a deep faith which is daily heightened and grounded by Sikhi.

Operation BlueStar A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

'Blue Star' is the name given by astronomers to giant, aging stars which explode and become large, black holes. 

June 1984:
I Was Kneading Bread A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

" A continent away. A woman, not much older,/ Was plotting military strategy ..."

Tiny Being A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

"Scripture she sang to you/ Scripture she bathed you in/ Every hour,/ In a voice so fair the Gurus heard their history ..."

Once I Met Pitaji A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

"Once he looked at me and smiled/ A contemplative grin with genuine esteem/ A long and meditative gaze ..."


"They say there is a sound that jives with all the universe/ A tone, a vibration/ An oscillation, tethered to the One ..."

Ode To A lost Land, Lost Souls A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

I grieve for you/ My almost nation in my mind/ Lost, in idle meditations and strategic propositions/ And every now and then I catch my longing and/ I struggle, just to breath again ...

Veni Vidi Vici
I Came, I Saw, I Conquered A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

"To master reality/ Neither divide nor join, not avoid nor recede/ Recognise and rule - my senses, my self, my action/ Humble, yet a most powerful humility ..."

Accounting A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

"Will the lives of those less fortunate than I be resurrected/ Will I face these in my detention/ Studied, scrutinized, inspected/ As I gaze into the bright and loving eyes of God ..."

The Eagle Eye of Ranjit Singh A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

... With one eye you can guarantee peace/ Entrench justice, defend the weak/ Muster history/ Design and master weaponry ...

Hey Kids! Know Some Good Santa Jokes? by MICHELE GIBSON

Like a true Sikh, Santa Singh is always in Chardi Kalaa. Here are a few Santa jokes I have found which tell us about his true nature.

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