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Some Say it's Hot!
Some Say it's Cool!

So, if you've wondered what they do at The Sikh Coalition ... 

The Lone Ranger by TEJWANT SINGH

The mayhem that followed was tantalizing: everyone got the chance to touch his soft hair, al naturale.

Why Bollywood Matters by I.J. SINGH

Our cultural biases show most obviously in the movie industry, where the idols  -  and their influence  -   are larger than life.

Imelda Marcos Would've Drooled by ANURADHA SHUKLA

The juttis made in Patiala by far win the crown for the sheer variety of designs, shapes and patterns available.

Sardars and Sardarnis by KIRAN YADAV

At a Kaur and Singh pageant, this group of 20-somethings can rattle off answers to questions on Sikhism with perfect nonchalance.

The Patiala-Shahi Turban

A 4-minute video captures the visual delights of the Patiala-Shahi turban in a song by PAMMI BAI.


Famous New York turban-wearers include celebrity jeweler Waris Singh Ahluwalia, whose line just debuted at Bergdorf Goodman, and posh hotelier Vikram Singh Chatwal.

Fabric of Magic & Colour by KHUSHWANT SINGH

"Nature is the best catalogue; how can anybody get tired of flowers?" she exclaims, when asked where she gets her designs.

A Journey by MEETA KAUR

My mother's hair becomes a world of my own. Mama unpins her bun and lets her hair fall, rushing down her back. She combs through the tangles with her fingers.

When Jews Wore Turbans by E.L. SEGAL [The Jewish Star]

It would seem that most Canadian Jews were pleased with the Supreme Court decision, a few years ago, upholding the Sikhs' right to wear turbans in the RCMP.

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