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The Legacy of
The Amritsar Massacre
Lives on
in India’s General Elections AMRIT WILSON

As India begins its general election, the belligerence of the ruling party’s BJP-RSS gangs is only escalating.

Thetford Fest Marks 125th Death Anniversary of The Last Emperor Of The Sikh Kingdom of Punjab NEWS REPORT

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Why I Won’t Go Back To India GAUTAM SAWALA

In the four years that I have been here, there has been power surge just once, for 15-30 minutes. And in India?

Afghan Suicide Bomber Targets Sikh-Afghans,
Killing 20 AHMAD SULTAN, Reuters

A small number of Sikhs still live in the country as traders, even though Afghanistan is overwhelmingly a Muslim nation.

India’s President And His Wife,
Who Hail From a Hindu “Low Caste”
Manhandled, Barred From Hinduism’s Highest Temple DEBABRATA MOHAPATRA, Times of India

A group of temple staff had blocked the President’s path and shoved the president’s wife …

India Now Declared World’s MOST Dangerous Place For Women.
That is, Even Worse Than War Torn Syria and Afghanistan ANNIE GOWEN, The Washington Post

“India has shown utter disregard and disrespect for women …”

India’s Embattled Democracy HARTOSH SINGH BAL

With his ratings failing, how far down an undemocratic path might Modi and his BJP/RSS go to ensure a victory?

Guess Where Christians Face Some Of The Worst Persecution In The World Today APOORVANAND

Archbishop Couto's letter should be seen in the context of growing anti-minority violence in India.

Four Sikh-Canadians Elected To Ontario Legislature:
Two Are Part Of New Conservative Government NEWS REPORT

Four Sikh-Canadians out of a total of 124 new MPPs.

India’s Top Media Giants Lead ‘Cash For Fake News’ Scandal:
Modi Govt Buys Blind Media Allegiance For Hindutva Propaganda JUSTIN ROWLATT, BBC

That the world's largest democracy languishes towards the bottom of the rankings for press freedom is already a matter of India's national shame.

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