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The Seeds of Tyranny, Part II Prof. PURAN SINGH

"The truly Democratic Constitution should not allow one community to get into power and work mischief through the democratic institutions to crush the other ..."

June 1984 A Poem by MICHELE GIBSON

"Blood is murky and opaque, / It darkens history / Perverts humanity ..."

The Seeds of Tyranny

"Any Constitution coming in here like this essentially means the domination of one community over all others which must be kept in a permanent state of suspended animation."

The Legacy Of India’s
Lord Haw Haw,
A Quisling Who Lived By The Goebbelsian Lie:
Mass Murderer KPS Gill T. SHER SINGH

India’s infamous mass murderer  …

Ontario's Genocide Motion Was Courageous And Unifying AMNEET SINGH BALI

"Secrecy and silence are the perpetrator's first line of defense ...“

1984: The Semantics Of Genocide And The Bugbear Of Khalistan SARBPREET SINGH

Trying to link the two is a thinly disguised attempt at justifying the killing of thousands of innocents.

The Wall Of Truth:
November 1984 New Delhi Sikh Genocide Memorial SEHAR QAZI

It will be the first such memorial in the country which continues to deny the nation-wide genocide.

A Film For The Holidays:
Fiddler On The Roof T. SHER SINGH

The plot covers the whole gamut of the Sikh experience of the last 70 years.

It’s Time India Accept Responsibility For Its 1984 Sikh Genocide SIMRAN JEET SINGH, TIME Magazine

32 years later, the Indian govt. stubbornly refuses to admit its role in the religious massacre.

Uncovering The Truth Behind India’s Serial Genocides S. R. PRAVEEN

“How clean is the clean chit that has been supposedly given to Modi?”

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