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Punjab and India Need Paramjit Kaur Khalra’s Voice in Parliament PREETIKA NANDA

Her husband was a human-rights defender until he was abducted and killed in turn. Ever since, she has stood by the unseen victims of Punjab's police encounters.

Indian Mischief is Afoot, Challenging Times Are Coming Our Way:
We Need To Be Alert, Vigilant …
And In Chardi Kalaa T. SHER SINGH

Something wicked this way comes …

rooh before. during. and after the 1984 sikh genocide. RUPI KAUR

after seeing so much wrong you fall in love with what is righteous.

With Thousands of Murders In India,
Why Are The Murderers Still Free? MALLIKA KAUR

New evidence draws attention to the thousands of Punjabis, mostly Sikhs, “disappeared” at the hands of India’s police in the 1980s and ‘90s.

Nobody Gives A Damn:
The Deadly Cocktail Of Poisons In Delhi Air Is Perfect Example Of Everything That’s Wrong With India SHIVAM VIJ, Quartz India

WHO report: 2.5 million Indians died of pollution in 2015 alone.

The Assassinations:
A New Novel Explores India’s 1984 Sikh Genocide VIKRAM KAPUR

It was as if the Partition of Punjab had descended one more time.

Halloween & Indiro,
The Wicked Witch of the East GURI KAUR

"We commemorate the victory of good over evil in marking her annual journey from hell and back to hell every Halloween ..."

Unni Sau Chaurasi:
Harbhajan Singh’s
Poetry of Nineteen-Eighty-Four MAHMOOD AWAN

The longing and sadness of a helpless, stateless soul.

Is Diwali A Sikh Festival?
What is Bandhi Chhor? T. SHER SINGH

When I was a child, nothing grabbed the imagination of a child more than the magic and joie de vivre of the 'day of lights'.

“Let This Entire Nation Tell Its Children”:
November, A Collection Of Poems by Jaspreet Singh A Book Review by MARKETA HOLTEBRINCK

All the while burning in ever renewing flames ...

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