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This Needs Research - III:
“What Is The Origin Of The Khanda Symbol?” T. SHER SINGH

The Khanda is now universally recognised as a representative icon of the Sikh Religion.

This Needs Research - II:
Who Was The Real Rani Jind Kaur? T. SHER SINGH

Her life and times will give us a unique insight into ourselves.

This Needs Research - I:
Did Guru Nanak Visit The Vatican? T. SHER SINGH

Is there any serious study being undertaken today in this area?

The History of Shanghai’s Sikhs Remains Fragmentary MEENA VATHYAM

The tall Sikh with his bright scarlet turban was an imposing figure …

The Tartan Turban:
A New Biography of Ranjit Singh’s American Colonel, Alexander Gardner AMAZON

He served 13 years as an officer in the Army of the Sikh Empire.

C. F. Andrews T. SHER SINGH

"The pain upon the faces of these people reminded me of the shadow of the Cross. What was happening to them was truly a crucifixion ...."

Lahore, The Sikh City Of Tragedy And Triumph HAROON KHALID

The site of Guru Arjan’s torture was Chandu’s residence, now known as the Lal Khoo.

Canada’s Parliament Apologizes To Sikh-Canadians Today For
The 1914 Komagata Maru Incident STEPHANIE LEVITZ

“The face of Canada is somewhat better represented now in our Parliament than years before.”

Banda Singh Bahadar MAJID SHEIKH

What happened on March 10, 1746 needs to be put in its historical context.

The Argentinian Komagata Maru KHUSHWANT SINGH, Chandigarh, Punjab

The world has come a long way. Sikhs play leading roles in Argentina today.

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