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The history making London Underground train guard who fought to wear his turban Qasim Peracha

Amar Singh turned up for work every day for three weeks but was sent home and marked absent every single time

The Legacy of
The Amritsar Massacre
Lives on
in India’s General Elections AMRIT WILSON

As India begins its general election, the belligerence of the ruling party’s BJP-RSS gangs is only escalating.

Repression and Retribution The Latest Artwork by AMRIT & RABINDRA KAUR SINGH, commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre


On naming him His successor, Guru Nanak gave Bhai Lehna a new name, “Angad” (limb, part of oneself).

Thumbnail History of Sikhs in Kolkata/Calcutta Spanning More Than Five Centuries KALLOL BASU

The Sikh connection to Kolkata dates back to 1510 …

World Seems To Be Unaware That Indian PM Narendra Modi Is An Active Member Of The Group Which Killed Mahatma Gandhi GURPREET SINGH

His murder was an act of terrorism planned and executed as part of an ideology that now dominates the Indian political landscape.

Why We Celebrate Lohri ...
Friday, January 13 MANJYOT KAUR

The festivities are particularly meaningful to those families blessed with a recent marriage or birth, or anyone who is celebrating it for the first time.

Is Diwali A Sikh Festival?
What is Bandhi Chhor? T. SHER SINGH

When I was a child, nothing grabbed the imagination of a child more than the magic and joie de vivre of the 'day of lights'.

The Seeds of Tyranny, Part II Prof. PURAN SINGH

"The truly Democratic Constitution should not allow one community to get into power and work mischief through the democratic institutions to crush the other ..."

The Seeds of Tyranny

"Any Constitution coming in here like this essentially means the domination of one community over all others which must be kept in a permanent state of suspended animation."

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