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Amrita Shergill:
The Great Painter of Modern India WIKIPEDIA, et al

She was already painting at the age of five.

You Can't Call these Riots ... This was a Plain and Simple Massacre! Q & A with ARPANA CAUR, by ARADHNA WAL

" I worked in the relief camps ... and can’t even describe the suffering I saw there."

Only One Man Left Alive:
Rest Were the Widows of Trilokpuri 1984 RAM RAHMAN

The woman in the photo holds her husband's finger, chopped off by rioters after he was killed, to remove his gold ring.

Decoding a Painting:
Sikhs in Canada Dr DEEPALI DEWAN

Created in the artists’ signature “past-modern” style (a play on the term “post-modern”), it is a tour-de-force reflecting the historical and cultural evolution of the Sikh diaspora in Canada.

Wham. Bang. Pow. It’s time for a Superhero to Fight Hate Crimes VISHAVJIT SINGH

We can’t seem to get enough of our fictional superheroes. Hollywood keeps spitting out newer renditions of Spider-Man, Batman, Iron Man, Captain America ...

Manu Kaur Saluja's "Parshad" to be Auctioned at Sotheby's NEWS REPORT

Parshad, an oil on canvas still-life painting measuring 16x20 inches, is a solemnization of a timeless Sikh practice which forms part of the daily worship service.

Loss of a Fabric:
Punjab's Textile Arts JASVINDER KAUR

Punjab made some of the finest shawls under Sikh patronage. During Ranjit Singh's reign,there were 300 factories manufacturing them.

The First Photo Portraiture of Sikhs & Punjabis AMARJIT SINGH CHANDAN

The first ever daguerreotype was taken in Lahore in 1848 by Dr John McCosh, a surgeon in the army of the British East India Company. The subject was Diwan Mool Raj, the Sikh Governor of Multan.

Photographing Sikhs With Fiona Aboud GINA RYDER

In the aftermath of the Wisconsin tragedy, "this is the perfect time for people to see [my pictures] because they wouldn’t just see the suffering but see the positive things.

The Most Dangerous Art & Occupation ... of the Cartoonist VISHAVJIT SINGH

Most jobs in the world come with some associated risks or occupational hazards. You might wonder what risks could possibly accompany the task of an editorial cartoonist?

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