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This Love Story:
International Women's Day





purakh meh naar
naar meh purkha
boojho brahm gyani …

In the male is the female
In the female the male
Realize this, O godly one …

Guru Nanak, GGS:879

Are you the vision in my dreams?

Are you the missing link?

Are you the throb in my heart?

Are you the pulse in my veins?

Oceans place pearls at your feet

Earth offers you her gold

Spring adorns you with blossoms

Night worships your soul.

Poets write you sonnets

Artists portray your beauty

Sculptors contour your form

Dreamers yearn your passion.

I’m the goddess of your dreams

I’m the missing link

I’m the passion of your night

I’m here with you tonight.

I’m the womb of creation

I’m the garden of temptation

I’m the joy of your soul

I’m that makes you whole.

Love me, dear man

Let’s become one

Make me your shining glory

And complete this love story.

International Women’s Day
Sunday, March 8, 2015


Conversation about this article

1: R. Singh (Surrey, British Columbia, Canada), March 09, 2015, 12:38 AM.

The X chromosome from the father and the X chromosome from the mother produce a baby girl. The Y chromosome from the father and the X chromosome from the mother produce a baby boy.

2: Gurpreet Singh (Bombay, India), March 10, 2015, 8:13 AM.

Sublime and soulful. Loved the last two lines of your concluding para, "Make me your shining glory, And complete this love story" ... which sums it up, to give the ever-sacrificing woman her correct place of honour and equality in our society.

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International Women's Day"

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