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Fitness Kaur:
Britain’s Gurpreet Kaur






Gurpreet Kaur is a 21-year-old Sikh-Briton who goes by the handle 'Fitness Kaur' on Instagram.

She's been steadily gaining popularity for her insane calisthenics workout routines (a form of gymnastics that focuses on overall fitness and balance) as well as weight training and yoga.

Fitness enthusiasts swear by different methods, based on their preferences and lifestyles. Some prefer weight training and aerobics, others gravitate towards zumba and power yoga, and still others swear martial arts is the key. But for this Sardarni, the only 'standard' thing about her workouts is to break stereotypes.

Her photos, which regularly receive over a thousand likes, depict her performing ridiculously hard routines - explosive pushups, horizontal planches, human flag planks, and even pushups with a bed on her back.

Born to an English mother and Sikh father, Gurpreet says she feels a strong connection to her Sikh heritage, even preferring shabads as a workout groove instead of typical gym music fare.

That being said, Gurpreet is a force to be reckoned with, even participating in the United Kingdom's version of 'Ninja Warrior' known to be one of television's most gruelling obstacle courses. But while she has been a fitness buff from an early age, she says it was more to do with proving herself than anything else.

Born premature, Gurmeet says those around would constantly "coddle" her, telling her she couldn't do things. The well-intentioned advice only served to spur her on with added fervor. Eventually, three years before starting at university in the UK, Gurmeet gave up junk food, began eating healthy, and her incredible journey to fitness and fame began.

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December 1, 2016

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Britain’s Gurpreet Kaur"

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