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Today We Rise





They think they can hold us afraid and down,

Chained in a cave of dark shadows brown.

Instead we must come out to see the light

Waiting to embrace us in love and might.

They think we can forget our callous suppression

The hangman tightening the noose before false confessions.

Instead we remember those disappeared in haste

Even the last breath exhaled in unknown waste.

They think they can lead us as passive, meek herds

Instead we resist cowering, and lionize as free birds.

They think they can color us copper brazen

With mischievous, blind strokes of devious abrasions.

Instead we gleam through in golden hues and rays

An artist’s pure imagination to peruse and marveled gaze.

They think they can speak for us in hollow cacophony,

Instead we resound our own narratives of symphony.

They think they can concoct and spread a liar’s tale

Instead we weave truth with threads of courage to prevail.

They think they can tear the pages of our warrior souls

Instead we heal and soothe our hearts heavy with grievous tolls.

They think they can condemn us, beat us, hush us,

Hurt us with smears, and even cruelly crush us.

Instead we gather all differences together

To speak, to be heard, and seen in fair measure. 

Abandoning fear and darkness we simply march on

The righteous path, yes, today we resist and rise on,

To claim our rightful share and to live and adorn

A haven of strength for all born and yet to be born.

November 13, 2015

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