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Days Like This





There are days

I want to be left alone

Plunge deep into my solitude

Envelope myself in it

Listen to the rhythm of my racing heart

The echo of my blood

Rushing through my veins

Meditate upon the rising and falling of my chest

Wallow in its reassuring permanence

There are days

I want to talk

To myself

Converse with my mind

Listen to its every insecurity

Soak in its every fantasy

Amplify the hum of thoughts

And walk along the trajectory

Of its memories


There are days

I want to ask my heart

To whisper its deepest buried secrets

To confess its most unreasonable fears

To console it

To reassure it

As it has done, for many others

That it is not wrong for feeling the way it does

For fretting the way it does


So I embrace my aloneness

For in that spell

I immerse into the familiar

And the untold

For in that moment

I am liberated

I am rejuvenated

I am home.



Rubani Qaumi, 21, is currently studying Life Sciences at the University of Toronto with the hopes of becoming a surgeon one day. Apart from her fascination with the human body, creativity is what she seeks. So, she writes, reads and designs.

March 25, 2015

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