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Blind Faith





Blind yearning to lead the blind,
The one-eyed, they know best.
Who cares about having full sight?

Oh! The Vedas
Have not read a single page
But, I claim to be the true Hindu leader

All the while,
I, the new-age free thinker
Denounce them without any investigation.

Oh! the Semitic Texts
Never explored the meanings of the teachings
Yet, I claim to be best Jew, Christian or Muslim

All the while
I, the liberal tongue-wagger
Without an honest attempt at learning,
Blame the same teachings for all world’s ills.

Oh! Gurbani
Can’t tell a pop-song from Gurbani
yet I claim authority over you as a Sikh leader

All the while
Fed on the sex crazed material media,
without a real attempt at introspection
It's all incomprehensible, incompatible

Oh! hypocrisy.
Have not read either Keynes, Hayek or Pickety
Claim capitalism to be infallible cure all

I worship Hindutva
Yet I ask what minorities fear

I drive gas guzzlers
Yet I ask why Islam creates terrorists

Have not practiced anything of the spirit
Yet I claim faith as the root of all evil


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