Kids Corner


The Khanda in Art hereby announces with immense pleasure the winner of The Khanda Contest:

Ishwinder Kaur, age 9, from California, U.S.A.

She wins a round air ticket to and from Amritsar, Punjab and a week's luxury accomodation in that city.

A total of 24 artistic interpretations of the Khanda were received in response to our call for submissions, of which 18 wished to be entered in the competition, the rest from artists who merely wished to inspire the contestants through their creations.

The entries were carefully reviewed by a committee consisting of Dr. Birinder Singh Ahluwalia, Manjyot Kaur, Jaipreet Singh and T. Sher Singh.

The criteria, the terms and conditions, and details of the prize are set out at

The entries were of a high quality - many of them, even inspired! - with the ideas behind them obviously thought-out carefully and applied with great skill and creativity.

We hope that this project will encourage our readers on an ongoing basis to look at the meanings and symbolism behind our icons and symbols, in turn leading them to a greater understanding of Sikhi itself.

We wish to thank all who have joined hands with us to make this project such a great success - the entrants themselves, of course, and the parents and teachers of the minor contestants; our readers who have freely and generously given us regular and valuable feedback and critiques, as well as much-needed encouragement; and all friends and supporters of who have helped publicize this project.

We are also grateful to our judges for their time and insight - it was not an easy task this time around, choosing from a wealth of talent; and our wonderful and generous "resident" artists listed hereinunder.

Please do click below to view our Gallery of Khandas - starting with the creations of our "resident" artists, Amrit and Rabindra Kaur Singh - otherwise known as The Singh Twins - from the United Kingdom, and Canadian artists Kanwar Singh Dhillon and Jaipreet Singh.

Following them are the offerings of the contestants, beginning with the winning submissions by Ishwinder Kaur (there are three of them), and then followed by the others in alpabetical order of the artists' names. Each entry is accompanied by, wherever available, the textual explanation behind the concept, as submitted by the artist.