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L-FRESH The LION: Blown Away Down Under




I first saw L-FRESH The LION - a.k.a. Sukhdeep Singh - talking about his work with Street University at the Powerhouse Museum on a Friday. He was one of five young industry leaders talking at an event called FastBreak. Everyone else - though they were interesting - started the same way, an introduction of an idea or topic. L-FRESH got on stage and began his talk with an a capella rap.

He has just released a new EP, Waiting, which you can listen to at   

What can you tell us about your music?

My music is a reflection of who I am and how I perceive the world around me. I’m strongly influenced by hip-hop but sometimes my music doesn’t sound like hip-hop. Its just music: that stuff you vibe to when you’re feeling good and those words you listen to when you’re feeling down.

Why “The Lion”?

The name has always been with me. I just never noticed until I visited the Golden Temple in Amritsar back in 2006. That was when the name first revealed itself to me. It found me. And I’ve held onto it ever since.

What do you think of the current all ages scene in Sydney?

It’s growing. Both international and local artists are starting to recognise that a lot of their fans are under 18 and they don’t want
the youth to miss out at live shows. It’s an exciting time to be young. Music is universal. It knows no limits, and it has no boundaries. Our music scene is beginning to reflect that reality.

What was the best gig you saw as an u18?

The best under 18 gig I went to was also the first hip-hop gig I went to. Fisher’s Gig in Campbelltown had a hip-hop stage back when I was about 16 years old. There I met many local MCs that served as my inspiration back then: Planet Crushers, Reverse Polarities, 24/12, NJE and a few others. It’s where I first saw a freestyle cypher, where rappers rhyme lyrics spontaneously, off the top of their head. It blew me away.

How does your role at the Street University influence your music (and vice versa)?

The Street University is a hub for young people in South West Sydney (Australia). I was there when it opened and I haven’t left since. There is so much culture there. And there’s a strong hip-hop culture there. It’s a real community environment. People often overlook the significance of community in hip-hop. Without it, the culture and the music wouldn’t exist. I’m fortunate because I get to see that every day at the Street University. It keeps me grounded and helps me grow as a musician.

Any tips for young musos?

Be a master by always being a student. Be loud enough to roar yet silent enough to listen. Learn to see with your eyes closed. And then, just be.


[Courtesy: Drum Media]

October 28, 2011

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