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The Great Disconnect - Amitabh Bachchan & Company
Delhi Follies # 3







It's Amitabh Bachchan's grandaughter's first birthday tomorrow.

The parents of the child - Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan - have announced that the birthday celebration would be a "private affair".

That's fair.

So what do the Bachchans do?.

They promptly announce to the world the birthday gift they have bought the child and posed with it ... for the media.

The 'gift' is, of course, front and centre of the intense attempt to keep it all a"private affair".

Therefore ... it's a logical next-step, isn't it? ... publicity photographs of the gift have been splashed all over, in every newspaper, magazine, TV screen, the internet, etc. All with the reluctant help, of course, of the privacy-seeking Bachchans. 

There are photos of the gift with Grandpa Amitabh.

And with Grandma Jaya.

And with Dad Abhisehek.

And with Mom Aishwarya.

Just in case the public had the mistaken impression that it was meant to be a public affair or something like that.

The gift? What's the gift, you ask?

Oh, something small, something mini, something just perfect ... for a one-year old!

An automobile. A Mini Cooper. Model 'S', if you really want to know, even though all this information is highly private. It's full-size, not a toy or children's version. Big enough to fit -- remember, it's India, not the decadent West -- where the entire Bchchan family of four adults and one child can get in quite comfortably. With a couple of servants sitting on the floor.

It's the perfect car for little Aaradhya because ... it has very low mileage. 

But what will the one-year old do with the Mini, since she doesn't have a driver's license yet, you ask? Where does she have to go in a hurry ... other than in the diaper?

Ask the poor and the hungry and they'll know exactly how little Aaradhya can use the Mini Cooper S. They're always so good with ideas, especially when it comes to questions about how to waste millions of rupees.

There isn't much you can do, can you with Rs. 28 lakhs -- that is, 2.8 million rupees -- in a country like India?


November 15, 2012







Conversation about this article

1: Raj (Canada), November 15, 2012, 5:48 PM.

Who the hell cares!

2: N Singh (Canada), November 15, 2012, 11:14 PM.

This man has been accused of the murder of thousands of innocent Sikhs, including women and children, when he instigated violence in the 1984 November pogroms. Do you honestly think he or his kin will ever be concerned about "the poor and hungry" in India?

3: Jaspreet (Canada), November 16, 2012, 2:05 AM.

I hope God does something to this man's conscience and every time he sees the little girl, she will remind him of the many Sikh children who were murdered by murderers whose deeds he approved of and encouraged.

4: Gurmeet Kaur (Atlanta, Georgia, USA), November 16, 2012, 8:37 AM.

It enrages me to see these A*Holes featured on even in the humor section. Don't we have better things to laugh with? (And no, I don't seek pardon for my French in this case).

5: Jaspreet (Canada), November 16, 2012, 12:21 PM.

He is a war criminal is what he is. His kind are a blight on India which has enough other plagues such as the poor having nothing, caste, the low status of women in Hindu society, the status of religious minorities, oppressive laws of all sorts, the toilet problem, the pollution problem, the population problem and, of course, a parliament full of war criminals, liars, bribe takers, thieves, etc. and thousands of war criminals who killed members of minorities such as Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, and the Dalits, now running around loose with the blessings of the government. I was on a bus one day and I heard these two Indian men who seemed to have come from India recently talking in hushed tones about the population problem. They said they'd heard the land was starting to sink with the mass of all the people on it now. Can you imagine, the subcontinent starts to sink, breaks off from Asia with a crack and then, oh no, sinks into the sea due to the mass of all the people? That was one weird theory they voiced. Wonder if other folks in India think that too.

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Delhi Follies # 3"

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